Your Best TNY278PN Supplier in China

TNY279PN Distributor – Your Best TNY279PN Supplier in China

RANTLE is a famous distributor of  TNY279PN from top manufacturers in the world like FREESCALE, Texas Instrument, ALTERA, MICROCHIP, BROADCOM, MICRON, XILINX, ATMEL, and so on. Thus, you can assure that RANTLE’s TNY279PN are authentic and functional.


High-quality TNY279PN are available at RANTLE. We source every part number you need.

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RANTLE can distribute many types of electronic components including TNY279PN. Our TNY279PN are energy-efficient and off-line switcher that comes with an extended power range and enhanced flexibility.

Also, RANTLE’s TNY279PN is equipped with a on/off simple control without requiring loop compensation. It also has a higher current-limit that extends a peak power-on.

Our TNY279PN are widely used for open-frame applications and continuous maximum power.

RANTLE’s TNY279PN also has a lower current-limit. It can improve efficiency in an enclosed chargers or adapters.

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Expert TNY279PN Distributor and Supplier in China – RANTLE East Electronic

RANTLE provides TNY279PN that allows an optimized TinySwitch-III through swapping devices without circuit redesign.

Our TNY279PN can minimize the overload power. It can also reduce the cost of the secondary components, primary clamp, and transformer.

We distribute TNY279PN with an on-time extension. It can extend the lower range of line regulation or hold-up time in order to minimize its bulk input capacitance.

RANTLE’s TNY279PN are also self-biased. It means that it has no bias component or bias winding.

TNY279PN Supplier

Additionally, RANTLE is a distributor of TNY279PN that features frequency jittering. It helps in minimizing the EMI filter costs. Its pin-out also simplifies the heatsinking to a PCB.

RANTLE is also an authorized distributor of TNY279PN with reliability and enhanced safety features.

Along with that, we supply TNY279PN that features thermal shutdown accurate hysteretic protection. It also comes with an automatic recovery that eliminates the need for a manual reset.

We have TNY279PN with enhanced auto-restart. It can deliver a <3% of the maximum power in an open-loop fault condition and short circuit.

A very low count component helps to enhance the reliability is equipped in our TNY279PN. Our TNY279PN is also incorporated with high bandwidth. It can provide a faster turn on without overshoot. It also offers a great transient load response.

Our TNY279PN also features an extended creepage between each DRAIN and other pins. It helps in improving its field reliability.

Moreover, our TNY279PN incorporates a power 700V MOSFET, thermal shutdown circuitry, current limit, high-voltage switched current source, and oscillator.

It also offers control on/off scheme that provides a flexible design solution that comes with a lower system cost.

TNY279PN Distributor

You can use RANTLE’s TNY279PN for cellphone adapter/chargers, digital cameras, shavers, portable/MP3 audio, PDA’s, and more.

Our TNY279PN are also perfect for PC standby and various auxiliary supplies. You can also use our TNY279PN for appliances, metering, and industrial system supplies.

At RANTLE, we have sufficient TNY279PN stock available for your bulk and urgent demands. Thus, if you are a retailer, RANTLE can always cater to your business needs.

For more than 16 years of experience, RANTLE has become the most trusted supplier of TNY279PN in China. To give you the best services, we offer competitive prices, fast delivery, and easy communication. Our sales representatives are online 24/7 to guide and assist you.

To ensure functionality and authenticity, RANTLE employs a strict quality control team. Therefore, you can receive the exact and accurate orders.

Besides TNY279PN, RANTLE also distributes other related components such as CH340G, IRFP064N, SG3525AN, FT232RQ, CNY17-3, ESP8266-12F, LMD18200T, ATMEGA32A-AU, CP2102-GM, ACS712ELCTR-20A-T, and more.

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