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  • power-distribution switches
  • MOSFET  70-mΩ N-channel power switches
  • requires multiple single package power switches
  • operation as low as 2.7V from supplies
  • continuous 250 mA current every channel
  • short circuit independent
  • thermal protection
  • operating capacity is ranging from 2.7V up to 5.5V
  • TPS2054BDR

RANTLE TPS2054BDR are power-distribution switches. It is incorporated with MOSFET  70-mΩ N-channel power switches. It only requires multiple single package power switches. Every switch is handled by a logic allowing input. Its interior charge pump provides gate drive. It is designed to handle the power switch during fall times and rise times. This reduce the current flow while switching.

RANTLE TPS2054BDR charge pump will not require external components. Instead, it enables operation as low as 2.7V from supplies. If the output load overreached the current threshold limit, our TPS2054BDR sets limits to the output current into a safe level. To do this, it needs to be switched to a constant current mode by pulling low the overcurrent logic output.

RANTLE TPS2054BDR is also designed with thermal protection to protect the switch from damage when there is a rise of temperature due to continuous heavy overloading and short circuits which increase the dissipation of power in the switch. The switch will automatically recover when the device has sufficiently cooled after a thermal shutdown.

TPS2054BDR Supplier

RANTLE TPS2054BDR features a continuous 250 mA current every channel. It also short circuit independent and thermal protection. Its operating capacity is ranging from 2.7V up to 5.5V. It also provides logic level input and typical 2.5-ms rise time. Our TPS2054BDR gives ambient temperature ranging from –40°C to 85°C. It also has human body model up to 2-kV and an ESD protected 200V machine-model. RANTLE TPS2054BDR has 0.44-A load limit.

In addition, RANTLE TPS2054BDR has high capacitive loads. It has minimum of 0.75 A and maximum of 1.25 A precise current limit. It also features undervoltage lockout. This also has fault deglitched report. RANTLE offers TPS2054BDR without OC glitching while in power up. It has maximum of 1-µA for single and dual, 2-µA for triple or quad standby current supply. This also has bidirectional switch and UL recognized. At RANTLE, you can surely have an incredible TPS2054BDR model number.

RANTLE TPS2054BDR gives different uses and application usually for notebooks. It is also best for palmtops PCs and desktop. It can also be used for monitors and scanners. Our TPS2054BDR is also applicable in keyboards and printers. RANTLE TPS2054BDR is very suitable for PBXs and phones. It is also ideal for digital cameras and hot-insertion applications. With RANTLE, you can get the best TPS2054BDR according to its uses.

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TPS2054BDR Distributor

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