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  • Competitive Price for TPS22975DSGR
  • Small and can saves space
  • Air temperature ranging from –40°C to about +105°C.
  • Typical 37 µA quiescent low current
  • Supports a continuous current maximum of 6 A.
  • TPS22975DSGR
  • TPS22975DSGR

The TPS22975DSGR is a family of products which consists of load single-channel.

It provides a rise configurable time to decrease an inrush current.

Our high-quality TPS22975DSGR is incorporated with an excellent quality N-channel MOSFET.

It can be operated through a range of input voltage from 0.6 V up to 5.7 V.

It also supports a continuous current maximum of 6 A.

RANTLE’s TPS22975DSGR switch is being controlled by an off and on input.

It has the ability to directly interface with signals of low-voltage controls.

Our excellent quality TPS22975DSGR consists of optional on-chip 230-Ω load register.

It helps for a fast output discharge especially during the switches are turned off.

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Reliable TPS22975DSGR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Best quality TPS22975DSGR distributed by RANTLE is small and can saves space.

It is highly integrated with a thermal pad. This allows a high-power dissipation.

Our top-quality TPS22975DSGR is distinguished by its high-performance operation over a free-air temperature ranging from –40°C to about +105°C.

If you choose to purchase from RANTLE, you can have a TPS22975DSGR with load single-channel switch.

A thermal shutdown is also incorporated for a maximum protection coverage.

A typical 37 µA quiescent low current and maximum continuous 6 A switch current is equipped into our TPS22975DSGR.

TPS22975DSGR Supplier

You can also have a TPS22975DSGR which features a typical 16 mΩ on-resistance if you buy from RANTLE.

An input threshold low control enables our TPS22975DSGR to perform a logic of 2.5-, 1.8-, 3.3- and 1.2- V.

Through the help of an integrated features, RANTLE’s top-quality TPS22975DSGR can be applicable in an Ultrabook application.

You can also use our best quality TPS22975DSGR for netbooks and notebooks.

If you are dealing with tablet PC, you can use our TPS22975DSGR.

For consumer electronic and other relative applications, our TPS22975DSGR is your best choice!

RANTLE is also known as an expert distributor of proven quality TPS22975DSGR which is widely utilized in solid-state drives.

These are also applicable in telecom systems.

To exceed your expectations, we supply ultra-fine quality TPS22975DSGR useful for residential gateways and set-top boxes applications.

Does sourcing of high-quality TPS22975DSGR is entrusted to you?

TPS22975DSGR Distributor

RANTLE can certainly help you. We can help locate even those obsolete and hard-to-find electronic parts.

RANTLE is operating in the industry as an independent professional distributor and supplier in China for almost 16 years.

Thus, we are deeply familiar with all the process of supplying and distributing.

We have established and maintained a good reputation as the best supplier in China.

With the cooperation of our expert and approachable sales team, we are able to give your most valuable services.

If you buy TPS22975DSGR from us, we will give you reasonable cost.

We also offer you rapid delivery for every order of electronic parts.

Within 1-5 days after receiving your payments, we will deliver your orders.

At RANTLE, no doubt, you can get the exact product you ordered.

Your business is in good hands if you make us your supplier.

Trust RANTLE as your business partner!

For inquiries and more details, contact our team immediately.

We are 24/7 available for fast response!

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