Your Best TPS63060DSCR Distributor in China

TPS63060DSCR Distributor - Your TPS63060DSCR Supplier in China

Rantle is your leading Texas Instruments(TI) TPS63060DSCR supplier and distributor in China. We also do supply our clients abroad with our offered high-quality electronic components. We own the best-performed electronic parts for any of its specific applications. Rantle has massive selections of different series of electronic components with high effectiveness.


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Rantle is your reliable co-partner that continuously produces your needed electronic components for your business. We are the source of any series of  Texas Instruments(TI) TPS63060DSCR for its device applications. We have been supplying our clients for more than 17 years and counting. We assure uncomplicated way of processing your orders.

Hence, if you are looking for an advantageous and high-featured electronic component, Rantle is the perfect place to be. We can constantly supply electronic components at a competitive cost for your running business. Trusting Rantle products can help heighten your business sales and customers.

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Rantle East Electronic - Reliable TPS63060DSCR Supplier and Distributor in China

Rantle is your provider of improved electronic components for the latest models of its specific applications. We guarantee high-featured TPS63060DSCR for its flawless operation. With more than 17 years experience, we already have enough knowledge of marketing such beneficial products.

We keep our excellent work, assisting and proving our customer’s needs. We also have professional electromechanical engineers with high-tech machines to check our supplied electronic components. You can also trust the assistance of our veteran workers and employees.

TPS63060DSCR supplier

You can utilize our durable electronic chip for an extended period. Rantle makes sure the high effectiveness of our importing electronic components. Our offer series of electronic parts has its exact voltages and temperature for its the best performance. We are your expert distributor and supplier of well-functioning electronic components.

TPS63060DSCR Features:

  • Performs with about 2.5V to 12V input voltage
  • Up to 93% high-efficiency
  • Direct transition with step-down and boost mode
  • Operates almost < 30 µA quiescent current
  • Has fixed and flexible range of voltages
  • Has power save mode
  • Outstanding power output
  • Disconnects load when shutdown
  • Protected from overtemperature
  • Secured overvoltage occurrence

TPS63060DSCR distributor

The TI TPS63060DSCR supplies power solutions to the device with a three to six-cell alkaline NiMH battery or Li-polymer battery. This series of electronic components operate with a 2.25 switch current limit. It has a minimum switching frequency of about 2200 kHz.

We also offer these high-quality electronic components with unique features like frequency synchronization, light load effectiveness, load disconnection, excellent power supply, and synchronous rectification. It performs with about -40 to 85-degree celsius range of temperature.

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Application of TI TPS63060DSCR:

  • DSC’s and camcorder
  • Notebook computer
  • Industrial metering machine
  • Mobile PC’s
  • Mobile internet device
  • High-power LED’s

Rantle is your approved distributor that manages to import these valuable electronic components worldwide. We are a responsive company that can provide you satisfying information for your preferred electronic chips.

We assure unopened and undamaged electronic part orders when you have them on hand. Rantle assigns skilled sales staff to entertain your inquiries and questions. We intend to meet your standard quality of products. 

TPS63060DSCR price

So if you desire to have a satisfying effect of  Texas Instruments(TI) TPS63060DSCR and its series, Rantle can surely provide that. We conduct short-time delivery for your rush orders. Just let us know your choice, and we will take care of the rest of its processing procedures.

Please don’t hesitate to keep on touching Rantle for more selections of electronic components!

To learn more about Texas Instruments(TI) electronic components and parts TPS63060DSCT, please click the TPS63060DSCR datasheet.

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