Your Best TPS7A4901DGNR Supplier in China

TPS7A4901DGNR Distributor - Your Best TPS7A4901DGNT Supplier in China

Rantle is an excellent TPS7A4901DGNR distributor located in China. We can distribute a great product made of high-grade materials. The Texas Instruments(TI) IC chips TPS7A4901DGNR and TPS7A4901DGNT are well tested and can present reliable performance.


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Rantle is a professional distributor. We can produce different kind of electronic components according to your needs.  The Texas Instruments(TI)  components TPS7A4901DGNR device series of devices are positive, high ultralow-noise linear regulators that can source a 150-mA load.

The internal protection circuitry of the TPS7A4901DGNR is designed to protect against overload conditions. The protection circuitry is not intended to replace proper heatsinking. Continuously running the TPS7A4901DGNR into thermal shutdown degrades device reliability.


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TI TPS7A4901DGNR family of devices is wide VIN, low-noise, 150-mA linear regulators. These devices feature an enable pin, programmable soft-start, current limiting, and thermal protection circuitry that allow the device to be used in a wide variety of applications.

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As bipolar-based devices, the TPS7A4901DGNR family is ideal for high accuracy, high-precision applications at higher voltages.

The fixed internal current limit of the TPS7A4901DGNR family helps protect the regulator during fault conditions. The maximum amount of current the device can source is the current limit and is largely independent of the output voltage.

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For reliable operation, the device does not operate in the current limit for extended periods of time. The TPS7A4901DGNR devices belong to a family of linear regulators that use an innovative bipolar process to achieve ultralow-noise and very high PSRR levels at a wide input voltage range.

These features, combined with a high thermal-performance HVSSOP-8 with a Power PAD package make this device ideal for high-performance analog applications. Our TPS7A4901DGNR family of positive, high-voltage linear regulators achieves stability with minimum input and output capacitance of 2.2 μF.

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The TPS7A4901DGNR provides low output noise when a noise reduction capacitor is used. The audio applications of our TPS7A4901DGNR are extremely sensitive to any distortion and noise in the audio band from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This stringent requirement demands clean voltage rails to power critical high-performance audio systems.

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Rantle is the most trusted TPS7A4901DGNR and TPS7A4901DGNT distributor and supplier in China. We can distribute TPS7A4901DGNR with high quality and outstanding performance at affordable rates.

Whenever you need TPS7A4901DGNR please contact us and we will give you assistance!

To learn more about the Texas Instruments(TI)  electronic components and parts TPS7A4901DGNR, please click the TPS7A4901DGNR datasheet.

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