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Rantle is an independent electronic parts distributor especially of TPS82130SILR. By the use of our extended processing electronics, we provide wide benefits of TPS82130SILR components. We are your total support for your planning or developing business related to component parts. We have been a reliable supplier of great performance of TI IC TPS82130SILT and other related products. We can provide a lot of advantageous models and series specifically of TPS82130SILR that cannot be provided by the other supplier. Rantle has distributed this Texas Instruments(TI) IC parts TPS82130SILR and TPS82130SILT all over the world.


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Rantle specialized in distributing immense types and functions of electronic parts including our offered TPS82130SILR. We assure each of our clients an increase in sales and customers when you choose our products. You can also be confident to sell your TPS82130SILR from Rantle considering its high-performance and qualities. We can fully back up your stock and sell electronic parts by purchasing us more TPS82130SILT. We are experts on no hassle processing orders.

This TPS82130SILT from Texas Instruments(TI) is a 17V input 3A step down converter that develops for less solution size and high capability. To achieve greater efficiency, the converter performs in PWM mode with an insignificant switching of its frequency of 2 MHz. after all it immediately enters to save power at light loads currents. When TPS82130SILR is in power mode, it operates 20-µA quiescent current.

In Rantle you can purchase or buy TPS82130SILR and its related product right now!

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When it comes to trusted supply of electronic components, there is nothing more professional than a Rantle. You should rely on Rantle for your supplies of  Texas Instruments(TI) TPS82130SILR and other related products. We are doing the complete product check up before we introduce and distribute it to our customers worldwide.

TPS82130SILR supplier

Rantle helps your business high up into the next level. By preferring TI TPS82130SILT, your customers will keep on checking your stores because of its incomparable durability with a friendly price. We are sure you can experience the stress free business related to electronic parts when you choose us as your supplier.

TPS82130SILR wholesaler

We have full knowledge when it comes to processing even the bulk orders of electronic components especially TPS82130SILR. With the support of our hardworking team, we successfully supply a lot of clients worldwide. A secured packaging and delivery is conventional.

Being a great distributor of high-quality TI components TPS82130SILR, we maintained our good name by consistently supplying you with only high-conditioned electronic parts. We assure you can benefit more from it than you spend to have it. We are your friendly partners that can also provide you with a friendly cost of TPS82130SILT.

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Rantle can be your limitless supplier of different series of electronic parts mainly of TPS82130SILR. We are a type of distributor that offers not only high-featured TPS82130SILR but also provides satisfying services and prices. Prices that surely fit on your budget. We care about our customer’s demands. We are always prioritizing your specific orders.

We have appointed employees that are assigned to accommodate every order and inquiries you have. Well trained and approachable staff are waiting for your calls and emails. Just let know every detail of your applications and we are willing to look for the most suitable models, especially of TPS82130SILR.

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You can look forward to the brand new, undamaged TPS82130SILR when you receive it. To fulfill your desire is what Rantle’s intention is. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime, we are open 24/7.

So If you are looking for TPS82130SILR and its related products, we absolutely have them. Contact us now!

To learn more about the Texas Instruments(TI) IC components TPS82130SILR, please click the TPS82130SILR datasheet.

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