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  • Fast shipment with TS3A24159DGSR
  • Specified Break-Before-Make Switching
  • Excellent ON-State Resistance Matching
  • Low ON-State Resistance
  • Control Inputs Are 1.8-V Logic Compatible
  • ESD Performance Tested Per JESD 22
  • TS3A24159DGSR

RANTLE TS3A24159DGSR features 1.8V contol inputs which is logic compatible. It also has low THD or Total Harmonic Distortion. RANTLE also provide TS3A24159DGSR with low resistance on-state up to 3 ohms.

Our TS3A24159DGSR has specified switch called break before make. This helps the device to keep signal contortion when transferring signal from one channel to other channel. It also has reduced charge injection and operates single supply from 1.65V up to 3.6V.

TS3A24159DGS TS3A24159DGSR Supplier in China

RANTLE TS3A24159DGSR also has the best matching on state resistance. It has latched up that performs maximum capacity of 100 Ma per JESD 78.  It also has high speed technology with low power dissolution.

RANTLE TS3A24159DGSR has advanced linearity and high bandwidth. It also has selected pins which protects overvoltage. It allows the device to take voltages up to 7.0V without damaging the operation.

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RANTLE TS3A24159DGSR is ideal for broad range of uses such as cellphones, hard drives and modems. It is also the best for PDAs and computer peripherals. If you have portable instrumentation, then RANTLE TS3A24159DGSR is the perfect choice. It is also applicable for wireless terminals and communication circuits. RANTLE TS3A24159DGSR can also be used for Video and Audio signal routing. Systems with Data-acquisition which uses low-voltage can use our TS3A24159DGSR. Our device is also ideal for standard switches, HDTV and SPDIF. It can also be valuable in clock switching and can balance pairs or signals.

RANTLE’sTS3A24159DGSR target application also includes pagers, palmtops, medical equipment, netbooks and laptops. Its GPIO analog pins are limited and supports mux-in while reduces ASIC risks.

TS3A24159DGSR Distributor

RANTLE TS3A24159DGSR is an improved CMOS analog switch incorporated with silicon gate from CMOS technology. It is designed to aim low delay of propagation and resistance to RDS while it maintains the CMOS low power consumption. Digital voltages and analog voltages may vary from different range of full power supply.

Do you need TS3A24159DGSR for your project requirements? This kind of part number is not easy to find. But, worry no more! RANTLE has a lot to offer. We are your one stop solution for all your part number needs. RANTLE is an independent distributor of TS3A24159DGSR for more than 10 years. We provide high-quality integrated circuits, reasonable price, fast delivery, the best service, better reputation and global sourcing network.

TS3A24159DGSR Cross reference for SGM3002

Our expert and professional team is work hard to assure you durability and quality of all parts of TS3A24159DGSRwe are selling. RANTLE always make sure that we provide products made up of high-quality materials. RANTLE is the most trusted and verified integrated circuit supplier. We offer 30 days warranty that is why you have nothing to worry about. RANTLE’s inventory is maintained to the highest standards in our controlled environment warehousing facility. Feel free to contact with us today.






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