Your Best TXS0104EPWR Distributor in China

TXS0104EPWR Distributor - Your TXS0104EPWR Supplier in China

Rantle is your qualified supplier that supports every stage of your improving business related to electronic components like Texas Instruments(TI) IC components TXS0104EPWR. We always have an updated electronic part that suits modern devices nowadays. These valuable products are essential in every specific application. You can have it on Rantle at the lowest cost yet in high quality and features.


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Rantle is your professional provider of all models of electronic components. We mainly introduce here our high-efficient TXS0104EPWR. You can indeed encounter the no-hassle processing of orders in Rantle. We are your partner that can constantly back up your business supplies. Rantle is your ideal supplier that can provide all your needs.

Thus, if you are seeking worthy electronic component products, check Rantle’s cost-effective products. We are your top source of various types of electronic parts in China. We are also experts in managing successful importing electronic component products abroad. We also guarantee you the protected packaging and shipping of your orders. 

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Rantle East Electronic - Reliable TXS0104EPWR Supplier and Distributor in China

The Texas Instruments(TI) parts TXS0104EPWR is a 4-bit non-reversing translator. It uses two independent configurable power source rails. We can assist you to have the most suitable number of parts of electronic components for your device. 

We are your capable supplier that provides functional electronic parts based on their purpose. It has A and B ports that perform with exact measures supply of voltages. When the OE input is deficient, then all of the output arranges in the immense impedance state.

TXS0104EPWR distributor

Rantle is your trusted supplier and distributor that can lead you to the most compatible size and several voltages for the best of your device applications. This TXS0104EPWR is a bidirectional type of electronic component that has four channels.

TXS0104EPWR Features:

  • Flexible signal controls
  • Maximum pull/push and open-drain rates
  • No power supply arrangement needed
  • Latch-Up operates about 100 mA per JESD 78, class II
  • ESD secured surpasses JESD 22
  • A and B-ports performs about 1000-V device model

TXS0104EPWR supplier

Our offered TXS0104EPWR operates with about -40 to 85-degree celsius range of temperature. The -0.02 maximum current assures an output logic at a high level. High-standard machines highly test Rantle electronic components. 

We are a responsible distributor from China that offers the most inexpensive electronic components. Moreover, Rantle assures you the best performance of electronic component products. You can enjoy your device more, where our introducing TXS0104EPWR is applicable.

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Applications of TXS0104EPWR:

  • Desktop PC
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Handset

Rantle guarantees you gratifying services. You can indeed receive brand new and undamaged electronic component products from Rantle. We conduct a strict quality check-up before introducing it to our customers.

We assist at every stage of processing your orders. Rantle is your instant supplier that can fully provide even your quick orders of electronic components. We always assure secured packaging and safe delivery.

TXS0104EPWR price

Choosing TI chips TXS0104EPWR and its series can indeed contribute to the increase of your earnings and benefits. We have friendly sales staff to answer your questions and inquiries. We can also provide an immediate response to your call and emails.

Please feel free to contact us for further information, especially about our TXS0104EPWR!

To learn more about Texas Instruments(TI) electronic components and parts TXS0104EPWR, please click the TXS0104EPWR datasheet.

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