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Rantle is your supreme Texas Instruments(TI) TXS0108EPWR supplier and distributor in China. We have over ten years of experience in distributing electronic parts. With the supervision of our professional electromechanical engineers and experts, you are indeed to receive high-precision TXS0108EPW for your electronic devices and purposes. We are superintending in supplying an entire series of your TXS0108EPWR parts. You can guarantee the consistent function of your devices through the TXS0108EPWR and other related components.


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Rantle is the only established company in China that supplies the most affordable electronic components. All of our electronic parts, specifically the Texas Instruments(TI) Texas Instruments(TI)TXS0108EPWR, have the highest distribution demand in local and international markets. We have exceptional techniques and strategies to help you in boosting your electronic part business.

All of our TXS0108EPWR has a unique constructional formation that makes it suitable and perfect in different models and versions of your devices. Each of these electrical components weighs 0.002716 oz and is highly functional with an operating temperature rate of – 40 C to + 85 C. So if your devices and markets demand a TXS0108EPW, Rantle is indeed to provide everything you want.

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Professional TXS0108EPWR Distributor - Rantle East Electronic

Are you looking for a high-conditioned Texas Instruments(TI) TXS0108EPWR for your applications and devices? Rantle will take that! We never get tired of producing every request TXS0108EPWR for all the customers. 

TXS0108EPWR distributor

If you want to recover the malfunction of your devices, Rantle can resolve your concerns by providing you a TXS0108EPWR. This TXS0108EPWR is an 8-bit bidirectional level translation component that requires a discrete configurable rails power supply. It is primarily used for systems that have interfaces and operate at different voltages. 

Significant TXS0108EPWR features:

  • Operates in 50 mA high and low output current
  • No power-supply sequencing needed
  • No requires for direction-control signal 
  • It has intelligent internal pull-up resistors
  • Has a consistent performance of Latch-up set-up that exceeds 100 mA per JESD 78
  • In A port, ESD protection exceeds JESD 22 in Port A
  • IEC 61000-4-2 ESD performances for B port
  • Has a maximum and minimum data rates

In addition, TXS0108EPWR is a non-inverting component. It operates with 110 Mbps for push-pull applications while 1.2 Mbps for an open drain. It distinguishes with primary system models which available with its corresponding power voltage:

  • Machine model (A115-A) – 150V
  • Charged-device model (C101) – 1000V
  • Human body model (A114-B) – 2000V

TXS0108EPWR design with an auto-direction-sensing voltage translator widely helps optimize the translation application of systems’ interfaces. Enabling its primary functions requires starting the system in a low-speed open-drain method and succeeding in higher-speed push-pull strategies. 

TXS0108EPWR supplier

TXS0108EPWR is appropriate to the following:

  • Tablets
  • Handset
  • Desktop PCs
  • Smartphone

Rantle East Electronic has a prestigious position in electronic distribution. We acknowledge due to our explicit services in supplying high-precision electronic parts in local and international markets. Our rich-experience engineers ensure to provide you high functional, enduring, undamaged, brand new, and most updated TXS0108EPWR components. 

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Throughout the years, we have successfully been able to have transaction deals with our local and international clients. We only supply Texas Instruments(TI) TXS0108EPWR and other related electronic parts in consideration of your market demand and request. We have tons of availability of TXS0108EPWR for your urgent orders. We surround ourselves with trusted managing staff who can manage to deliver all your TXS0108EPWR and other electronic parts to your designated areas in a peak of an hour safely. 

TXS0108EPWR price

If you want to maintain the original function of your devices and expand your electronic profession, TXS0108EPW is the solution. We let you experience exceptional deals and reasonable discounts for all our electronic components. Thus, we also engage in giving you a 1-year warranty on every TXS0108EPWR you purchase.

If you need a specific series of electronic parts related to the TXS0108EPWR, Rantle probably has it. Call and message us through our hotline and website. We are so pleased to hear and understand all your needs!

To learn more about Texas Instruments(TI) electronic components and parts TXS0108EPW, please click the TXS0108EPWR datasheet.

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