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USB3300-EZK Distributor - Your Best USB3300-EZK Supplier in China

Rantle is an executive USB3300-EZK supplier and distributor. We have full capability to distribute excellent and good quality of MICROCHIP USB3300-EZK including USB3300-EZK-TR and many more. We have complete equipment and we make sure our components are well tested.


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Rantle is one of the best and trusted distributor when it comes to electronic components. MICROCHIP USB3300-EZK is USB-IF Hi-Speed certified to the Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev 2.0 and Interface compliant with the ULPI Specification revision 1.1 in 8-bit mode.

Rantle USB3300-EZK-TR is ideal for bus powered applications and it is Industry standard UTMI+ Low Pin Interface (ULPI) Converts 54 UTMI+ signals into a standard 12 pin Link controller interface.

USB3300-EZK is a highly integrated USB PHY. It contains a complete Hi-Speed USB 2.0 PHY with the ULPI industry standard interface to support fast time to market for a USB product.

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MICROCHIP ic components USB3300-EZK is an industrial temperature Hi-Speed USB Physical Layer Transceiver (PHY). The USB3300-EZK uses a low pin count interface (ULPI) to connect to a ULPI compliant Link layer.

This PHY was designed from the start with the ULPI interface. No UTMI to ULPI wrappers are used in this design which provides a seamless ULPI to Link interface.

USB3300-EZK supplier

Designs using the USB3300-EZK PHY as a device, can add host and OTG capability at a later date with no additional pins.

Making the USB3300-EZK-TR the ideal method of adding Hi-Speed USB to new designs. The USB3300-EZK features an industry-leading small footprint package (5mm by 5mm) with sub 1mm height.

In addition, the MICROCHIP ic chips USB3300-EZK integrates all DP and DM termination resistances and requires a minimal number of external components.

The USB3300-EZK can also, as an option, fully support the On-the-Go (OTG) protocol defined in the On-The-Go Supplement to the USB 2.0 Specification.

USB3300-EZK distributor

On-the-Go allows the USB3300-EZK-TR to function as a host, or peripheral configured dynamically by software.

USB3300-EZK is a highly integrated USB PHY. It contains a complete Hi-Speed USB 2.0 PHY with the ULPI industry-standard interface to support fast time to market for a USB product.

The USB3300-EZK is the ideal companion to any ASIC, SoC or FPGA solution designed with a ULPI Hi-Speed USB host, peripheral or OTG core.

Our USB3300-EZK-TR suited for cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, scanners, Digital still and video cameras and external hard drives.

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It can support OTG monitoring of VBUS levels with internal comparators. Includes support for an external VBUS or fault monitor.

Rantle have over 10 years of experience in distributing complete electrical kits. In Rantle you can guarantee a quality product.

So whenever you need MICROCHIP components USB3300-EZK do not hesitate to contact us!

To learn more about the MICROCHIP electronic components and parts USB3300-EZK, please click the USB3300-EZK datasheet.

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