Your Best USB3320C-EZK-TR Distributor in China

USB3320C-EZK-TR Distributor - Your Best USB3320C-EZK Supplier in China

Rantle East Electronic is your electronic components distributor in China. Rantle supplies electronic parts like MICROCHIP USB3320C-EZK-TR.  Rantle introduces designs, operations, and sales for our product supplies.  We enterprise computing solutions for our customers and for commercial markets. To maintain our network in the electronics industry.


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Rantle delivers series of USB3320C-EZK-TR  that are RoHS compliant. These devices are half 1/1 32QFN IC transceivers.  The MICROCHIP USB3320C-EZK is made with CMOS technology with -40 to 85 °C operating temperature. 

Rantle distributes USB3320C-EZK-TR with a 32 pin count. These products have OTG and USB 2.0 protocol supported. The USB3320C-EZK-TR has the ability to use the USB connectors as a single port of the connection. Perfectly used for battery charging, switching hi-speed data, and mono or stereo audio accessories.

In Rantle you can purchase USB3320C-EZK-TR  right now!. 

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Rantle East Electronic - Reliable USB3320C-EZK-TR Supplier and Distributor in China

In Rantle, you can trust all our supplies of electronic parts and components to support your business. One of our trusted electronic parts is USB3320C-EZK-TR.

To lessen power consumption, USB3320C-EZK-TR is designed for standby modes and low power of operation. MICROCHIP USB3320C-EZK has 0° to 70°C commercial supports and -40° to 85°C industrial temperature ranges.

USB3320C-EZK-TR supplier

Rantle series of  USB3320C-EZK are available in 0.95mm height, 5.1mm length, and 5.1mm width. The common minimum dual supply voltage of USB3320C-EZK  is 1.6 and 3 V.

MICROCHIP ic chip USB3320C-EZK-TR are hi-speed full-featured and highly integrated USB 2.0 transceivers. These devices are also featured ESDinternal protection circuits. 

USB3320C-EZK-TR distributor

Rantle supplies USB3320C-EZK-TR are consist of minimized passive external components. MICROCHIP USB3320C-EZK-TR supports clock frequencies with extremely flexible references.

The MICROCHIP ic components USB3320C-EZK-TR  has a +85 °C maximum operating temperature and 0 °C minimum operating temperature range. MICROCHIP parts USB3320C-EZK-TR  parts have wide applications. 

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Rantle offers USB3320C-EZK-TR that can be applied for networking, medical, and audio-video. These devices are also used for industrial computers, repeaters, printers, and communication.

These USB3320C-EZK-TR parts are 3.3V LDO regulator integrated. Rantle USB3320C-EZK-TR  required 1.8 and 3.3 V typical dual supply.

Rantle grants accelerated delivery on the USB3320C-EZK-TR operational amplifiers. In the shortest time available you can certainly get your order. Through our world top couriers, trouble-free delivery guarantee.

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Besides, we implement 31 days warranty services on any operational amplifiers. Rantle offers USB3320C-EZK-TR with the most suitable technology to our valued customers. 

If you need USB3320C-EZK-TR feel free to contact us for assistance.

To learn more about MICROCHIP electronic components and parts USB3320C-EZK-TR, please click the USB3320C-EZK datasheet.

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