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  • Competitive Price for XTR105UA
  • Applicable in various industrial process control without adjustments
  • Voltage range can reach up to –40°C up to +85°C
  • Minimum of 7.5 V to 36 V maximum supply range
  • Has a low 0.4µV/°C offset drift
  • XTR105UA
  • XTR105UA

The XTR105UA is a 2-wire, 4-20 mA monolithic current transmitter with a two current precision sources.

Our XTR105UA offers you a full current excitation used for RTD platinum temperature sensors.

It also gives current excitation for instrumentation amplifiers, current output-circuitry and bridges in an integrated singe circuit.

RANTLE’s XTR105UA versatile linearization of circuitry will provide your RTD a specific 2nd order correction.

Therefore, it can achieve an improvement of 40:1 linearity.

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Its amplifier instrumentation gain is configurable for vast pressure measurements or temperature range.

RANTLE’s XTR105UA full current transmitter’s unadjusted total error is sufficiently low.

It allows to be used in various applications without adjustments.

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Reliable XTR105UA Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Typically, our XTR105UA incorporated an output zero current drift, nonlinearity and span drift.

RANTLE’s XTR105UA can operate on a power supply loop-voltage to 7.5 V.

Its range of industrial range takes from –40°C up to +85°C.

RANTLE’s XTR105UA power loop-supply will provide all the needed power for any circuitry.

Two 8.0 mA matched current sources will drive zero-setting resistor and RTD.

Our XTR105UA input instrumentation amplifier will measure the voltage dissimilarity betwixt Rz and RTD.

RANTLE is a professional supplier of XTR105UA which features an unadjusted low error.

Two 800µA current precision sources are also integrated into our XTR105UA.

It also has a linearization and 3 or 2-wire RTD operation.

RANTLE’s XTR105UA also has a low 0.4µV/°C offset drift. Our XTR105UA is incorporated with a minimum of 110dB high PSR and an 86dB minimum high CMR.

Aside from that, we are distributing XTR105UA with a wider 7.5 V to about 36 V supply range.

Additionally, RANTLE’s XTR105UA has been used in many applications and industry.

One of its applications includes industrial process-control.

Also, if you are dealing with a factory automation, our XTR105UA also plays a vital role.

Scada data remote acquisition and other related applications also utilizes RANTLE’s XTR105UA.

XTR105UA Distributor

Does your work concerns with pressure transducers and remote temperature?

RANTLE’s XTR105UA is the best choice.

Whatever your XTR105UA applications, RANTLE can give you the most accurate electronic components.

Do you need XTR105UA for your industry or business?

Don’t hesitate to buy bulk orders at RANTLE! We are the most trusted and verified distributor as well as supplier of XTR105UA and other electronic components.

In China, we are an independent supplier of highest quality XTR105UA.

Lots of electronic parts including XTR105UA is available at RANTLE for customers’ diverse requirements.

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To ensure excellent quality, our XTR105UA and more electronic parts are meticulously tested by our expert quality control team.

Thus, you can assure that our delivered XTR105UA is in good condition, authentic and functional.

To support your business, we offer fast delivery and a reasonable rate.

So, you can focus on your business and save money.

At RANTLE, you can have a hassle-free transaction!

Our customer service is 24/7 available and online to answer your questions and inquiries.

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Our staff maintains good communication with our clients for smooth transactions.

If you contact our sales team today, prompt response, full details, and excellent services are fully offered!

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