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ZHR-6 is a small connector that is small in size that has also a small mounting height and thickness.

It has a DC, AC 1.0A current rating and a 50V DC, AC voltage ratings.

If you using RANTLE’s ZHR-6, its operating temperature is ranging from -25 up to 85 degrees Celsius.

The initial value of its contact resistance is a maximum of 20 Ohms.

After its environmental testing, its contact resistance will be a maximum of 30 Ohms.

ZHR-6 supplier

ZHR-6 supplied by RANTLE has a minimum of 500 Ohms insulation resistance.

Apart from that, its withstanding voltage takes up to 500V AC per minute.

RANTLE’s ZHR-6 has a low profile and compact design.

It only requires about 45% installation space by standard pitch connector.

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Reliable ZHR-6 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

ZHR-6 distributed by RANTLE has a housing lance.

Its retention contact lances on its resilient housing enable a visual confirmation about contact lock-in to a secure and easy insertion.

Reliable and efficient contact construction is incorporated into our ZHR-6.

ZHR-6 wholesaler

It has a dimple located in its center which ensures low contact and positive contact resistance all the time even during the connector is being subjected to distortion or vibration.

ZHR-6 from RANTLE is adaptable with a ZR displacement insulation connectors.

Its similar shrouded header is also suitable with the ZR IDC connector style or a crimp style ZH connector.

With this, it allows the user to a user the connector of both types interchangeably that doesn’t replace the header.

Are you looking for ZHR-6 trusted and certified supplier and distributor?

Always look for RANTLE.

We are a leading distributor worldwide with ZHR-6 which has a durable design.

Wire-panel or wire-wire fittings and configurations are suitable with RANTLE’s ZHR-6.

All of RANTLE’s ZHR-6 are made and processed through the latest equipment and advanced technology.

If you choose to source ZHR-6 at RANTLE, you have made the best decision.

ZHR-6 distributor

Thousands of clients from around the globe also trusted RANTLE as their best distributor of ZHR-6 for business and other uses.

These are possible because of our 16 years of experience operating in this industry.

We know that clients’ demands are ever-changing and developing.

That is why we continue to provide an innovative way of providing ZHR-6 and other electronic components.

At RANTLE, we provide technology-processed products to be manufactured worldwide for a ranging industry such as peripherals, transportation, computer, telecommunications, military, medical, aerospace and so on.

Whatever you need for an electronic component including ZHR-6, you can always depend on RANTLE.

In China, RANTLE is a dependable, professional and expert supplier and distributor of ZHR-6.

Almost 75% of our electronic components especially ZHR-6 are ready for urgent delivery.

Competitive prices, fast delivery, and other excellent services are offered by RANTLE.

ZHR-6 application board

Because of that, our ZHR-6 and other products are admired by our valued customers.

Do you have questions in mind regarding our ZHR-6?

We are online 24/7 for your questions and inquiries.

Our professional and friendly sales team will assist and guide you throughout the process.

You can contact us in your most convenient time!

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