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  • Fully Specified Over the Extended Industrial Temperature Range
  • High Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 108 dB
  • Low Offset Error: 1.5 mV Maximum
  • Input Bandwidth: 60 kHz Minimum
  • AMC1200BDWVR

RANTLE AMC1200BDWVR is a precision isolation amplifier. The input circuitry of the device is separated from the output by Silicon dioxide barrier. This silicon dioxide barrier is highly resistant to magnetic interference.

The barrier is certified to provide 4250 V galvanic isolation according to VDE V 0884-10 and UL1577.RANTLE AMC1200BDWVR uses digital modulation together with isolation barrier to achieve transient immunity and excellent reliability.

AMC1200BDWVR Supplier

On a high common mode voltage line, RANTLE AMC1200BDWVR will prevent noise current by using isolated power supplies conjunction.

This can prevent from damaging sensitive circuitry or interfering, and entering the local ground.

AMC1200BDWVR Features

AMC1200BDWVR Features

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RANTLE AMC1200BDWVR input is optimize for signal sources low voltage level and direct connection to shunt resistors. Our device has an excellent performance because it supports accurate current control.  Thus, it can save the power of system-level, and lower torque ripple for motor-control applications.

RANTLE AMC1200BDWVRoutput signal common mode voltage is automatically adjusted the low-side supply to either 3 V or 5 V. The device is specified over the extended temperature of industrial which ranges 40°C to 105°C. It is available in wide body 8-pin SOIC package.

AMC1200BDWVR Distributor

RANTLE AMC1200BDWVR is applicable for Current Sensing Shunt Resistor Based such as Motor Control, Green Energy, Frequency Inverters, and Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

RANTLE AMC1200BDWVR is consists of input stage delta-sigma modulator in a second order. It includes the clock generator and internal reference. The clock signal and modulator output are deferentially transmitted over the isolation barrier. It can separate the high-voltage and low-voltage domains. The clock signal and receive bit stream are processed and synchronized by a third order analog filter. It has an 8 nominal gain on the low-side and presented as differential output of the device.

Additionally, RANTLE AMC1200BDWVR offers high input common mode rejection, unique linearity, low temperature drift, and low DC error. This could make the device high performance amplifier, robust for industrial application which requires high voltage isolation.

AMC1200BDWVR Application Board

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AMC1200BDWVR Description

AMC1200BDWVR Description

AMC1200BDWVR Applications

AMC1200BDWVR Applications

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