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  • Competitive Price for CT-1205H-SMT-TR
  • 5 V maximum voltage rating
  • 60mA current rating
  • 47 coil resistance
  • 4.1MHz operating frequency
  • 78dB up to 108dB sound pressure level range
  • CT-1205H-SMT-TR
  • CT-1205H-SMT-TR

In China, RANTLE is a trusted and reliable supplier of the highest-quality electronic parts including CT-1205H-SMT-TR.

We always deal with the distribution of best quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR with the most valuable services we can offer.

The most excellent quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR supplied by RANTLE are driven externally indicators.

Also, you can avail RANTLE’s superior quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR which is available in both through-hole or surface-mount mounting styles.

Other than that, our trusted quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR can operate at a frequency to about 4.1MHz.


RANTLE’s excellent quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR can offer you a 78dB up to 108dB SPL or sound pressure level range.

RANTLE’s proven quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR can also operate at a temperature ranging from -40˚C up to +85˚C.

Thus, RANTLE can surely suit your needs and applications.

CT-1205H-SMT-TR Supplier

For your business, RANTLE can support you by providing a reliable quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR with a maximum of 5 V voltage rating.

It is also equipped with a 60mA current rating for a better solution.

In order to suit your requirements, we are also supplying the best quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR with a gullwing lead termination style.

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Reliable CT-1205H-SMT-TR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

As a professional supplier, RANTLE is engaged in the distribution of the best quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR which is highly washable.

It also supports a top sound port which is externally driven. Usually, RANTLE’s premium quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR has a typical of 47 coil resistance.

Rest assured that if you purchase our highest-quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR, you have made the best choice!

The advanced features mentioned above makes our high-quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR ideal for applications such as consumer electronics.

It is also best for industrial applications.

If you are dealing with any portable equipment and other related applications, RANTLE’s top-quality DG1B05BWD is highly dependable!

CT-1205H-SMT-TR Distributor

For more than 16 years, RANTLE is a leader in the distribution of an electronic parts in China.

For many years, we have served lots of customers worldwide including big and small business firms.

We are dedicated to providing our valuable customers a quality assurance product.

CT-1205H-SMT-TR price

With our years of experience, our high-quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR is guaranteed to have a higher level of customers satisfaction.

Aside from that, we have an expert team of quality control to ensure that you can get the best quality CT-1205H-SMT-TR in excellent condition.

Buy CT-1205H-SMT-TR

More customers are also attracted to source at RANTLE because we offer an affordable rate for CT-1205H-SMT-TR orders.

Plus, fastest and on-time delivery is provided by RANTLE. Our customer service is also available 24/7.

Thus, you can assure a hassle-free buying experience.

RANTLE can easily fill in your requirements.

With unlimited stocks of CT-1205H-SMT-TR and other components, we can certainly help your business in its success.

We will be your trustworthy business partner!

Hurry now and avail of our valuable services as well as quality-guaranteed products!

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