• Competitive Price for ELJPA4R7MF
  • Low DCR and large current capability, suitable for power circuitry
  • Wire wound, resin molded chip inductor
  • Wide line-up from 1005 to 4532 case sizes
  • Good for mounting
  • Unique Ceramic Core/Laser-cut technology

RANTLE ELJPA4R7MF has a small physical appearance size. It also has a high and integrated Q quality that enables the sharp frequency to response. It features a lower DCR and also a huge current capability which enables power circuitry. It is also incorporated with a wire wound and resin chip molded inductor.

It also provides a laser-cut technology and special ceramic core. Our ELJPA4R7MF also offers vast line up ranging from 1005 up to 4532 sizes of case. It does have the ability to flow or re flow soldered. RANTLE ELJPA4R7MF is designed which is good for mounting surfaces.

ELJPA4R7MF Supplier

RANTLE ELJPA4R7MF provides a maximum of 350 mA DC current. It also offers a maximum of 46mHz self-resonance frequency. Our ELJPA4R7MF also has a minimum number of 7 quality factor. It also offers a 4.7 μH inductance and up to ±20% maximum tolerance. RANTLE ELJPA4R7MF is designed with a maximum of 340mΩ DC resistance. This device is also incorporated with a wire wound as an inductor construction.

ELJPA4R7MF Features

ELJPA4R7MF Features

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Our ELJPA4R7MF has a minimum of -20°C operating temperature. Additionally, it has a maximum of +85°C operating temperature. RANTLE ELJPA4R7MF storage temperature is from -5 up to 35°C normal humidity to prevent from dew.

In addition, RANTLE ELJPA4R7MF has vast range of uses and applications. This is typically used for AV equipment. It is also ideal to be used for equipment for wireless communication. It is highly applicable and suited for different types of electronic equipment. RANTLE ELJPA4R7MF is best for an application which only requires from medium up to a high current low resistance handling capability.

ELJPA4R7MF Distributor

Moreover, our ELJPA4R7MF is also ideally suitable for PA series. This usually includes power supply in televisions. It is also suitable and applicable for power supply in VCRs. This device can be perfectly suitable to be used for mobile phone’s power supply.

RANTLE knows that it is hard and difficult to source ELJPA4R7MF and other electronic components, especially the hard to locate components. But, with RANTLE, sourcing electronic components will be easier. You can always rely on RANTLE. Our dedicated experts and professional team always find a way to provide you the most accurate and superior solution to your sourcing problem.

ELJPA4R7MF Applicatoin Board

RANTLE offers high quality, authentic and functional ELJPA4R7MF and other electronic components. We also offer reasonable prices for your orders of ELJPA4R7MF and other electronic components. We also provide faster delivery than others. For 2-5 days you can already receive your orders.

ELJPA4R7MF Storage Conditions and Period

ELJPA4R7MF Storage Conditions and Period

ELJPA4R7MF Explantion of Part numbers

ELJPA4R7MF Explantion of Part numbers

Choose RANTLE to be your distributor and supplier. We are known as the leading supplier and distributor of electronic companies worldwide. RANTLE will always meet your high standard requirements. Kindly reach us out if you have inquiries.

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