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IRFZ44N Distributor - Your Best IRFZ44N Supplier in China

Rantle is an excellent IRLZ44N distributor located in China. We can distribute great product that made by high grade materials. Our IRLZ44N and IRFZ44NPBF are well tested and can present reliable performance. Rantle is your one stop solution for IRLZ44N products.


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The IR/INFINEON IRFZ44N is known for its high drain current and fast switching speed. Adding to that it also has a low Rds value which will help in increasing the efficiency of switching circuits.

The MOSFET will start turning on with a small gate voltage of 4V, but the drain current will be maximum only when a gate voltage of 10V is applied. If the MOSFET has to be driven directly from a microcontroller like Arduino then try the logic level version IRLZ44N MOSFET.

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Rantle is your trusted IRFZ44N distributor. If you are planning to use IRFZ44N, Rantle can produce that for you. All our electronic components are in good condition and the best quality. Rantle IRFZ44N can be offered at friendly and affordable rates.

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Unlike transistors MOSFET’s are voltage controlled devices. Meaning, they can be turned on or turned off by supplying the required Gate threshold voltage. IRFZ44N is an N-channel MOSFET, so the Drain and Source pins will be left open when there is no voltage applied to the gate pin. When a gate voltage is applied these pins get closed.

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If it is required to be switched with Arduino, then a simple drive circuit using a transistor will work to provide the required gate voltage to trigger the MOSFET to open fully. For other switching and amplifying applications, a dedicated MOSFET Driver IC is required.

Rantle IRFZ44N   can be used in various applications including Switching high power devices, control speed of motors, LED dimmers or flashers, High Speed switching applications, and Converters or Inverter circuits.

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Rantle is an expert and professional IRFZ44N -BC distributor. We have a various selection of electronic components with different product numbers.

Rantle is committed to distribute electronic components for various years. We have sufficient understanding and expertise in designing high-quality of electronic components.

You can trust us, as your IRFZ44N and IRFZ44NPBF distributor. Rantle strive to distribute the best kind of electronic device for you.

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We are the largest distributor that distributes outstanding IRFZ44N devices and Rantle is your reliable source for any product number.

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Learn more about the IRFZ44N, please click the IRFZ44N datasheet.

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