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LM3488MM Distributor - Your best LM3488MM Supplier in China

Rantle Electronic is an independent and professional distributor of LM3488MM components in China. Due to our excellence and knowledge, our products can be distributed worldwide. We use the latest machine and technique in this industry. You can find the awesome LM3488MM at Rantle East Electronic – LM3488MM Supplier and LM3488MMX/NOPB Distributor in China.


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Rantle is the best source of LM3488MM  components. The LM3488MM is a versatile low-side N-FET high-performance controller for switching regulators. This device is suitable for use in topologies requiring low-side FET, such as boost, flyback, or SEPIC.

Moreover, the TexasInstruments(TI) LM3488MM can be operated at an extremely high switching frequency to reduce the overall solution size. The switching frequency of LM3488MM can be adjusted to any value from 100 kHz to 1 MHz by using a single external resistor or by synchronizing it to an external clock. 

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The TexasInstruments(TI) LM3488MM has built-in features such as thermal shutdown, short-circuit protection, and overvoltage protection. Power-saving shutdown mode reduces the total supply current to 5 µA and allows power supply sequencing. Internal soft-start limits the inrush current at start-up.

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It features Automotive Grade Product, AEC-Q100 Qualified, 8-Lead VSSOP Package, Internal Push-Pull Driver With 1-A Peak Current Capability, Current Limit and Thermal Shutdown, Frequency Compensation Optimized With a Capacitor and a Resistor, Internal Soft-Start, Current Mode Operation, and Undervoltage Lockout With Hysteresis.

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TI LM3488MM can use in various applications like Automotive Start-Stop Applications, Automotive ADAS Driver Information, One Cell/Two Cell Li-ion Battery Powered Portable Bluetooth Audio Systems, Notebooks, PDAs, Digital Cameras, and other Portable Applications, Offline Power Supplies, Set-Top Boxes, Boost for Audio Amplifier and so on.

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Rantle can give reliable service about electronic components in China. Rantle distributes any electronic products like the LM3488MM, LM3488MMX/NOPB, LM3488MMX, and LM3488MM/NOPB. We have solutions for any components problem. We are experts in handling a problem when it regards our client’s business problem.

Rantle is dedicated to providing the best quality LM3488MM. You can always count on Rantle Electronics if you need an LM3488MM  device. We are not only giving a quality product but we also give the excellent and outstanding service that you deserve.

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Rantle is not only a distributor we can be also your partner that will help you in the best way. Rantle electronics is a reliable partner that you can trust.

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To learn more about the LM3488MM, please click the LM3488MM datasheet.

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