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LM7321MA Distributor - Your Best LM7321MA Supplier in China

Rantle is a professional and expert NSC/TI LM7321MA distributor located in China. We have full equipment and we use high technique to produce and to distribute an outstanding electronic components including LM7321MA and LM7321MAX/NOPB. You can trust and rely on Rantle.


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If you are looking for the great source and distributor of LM7321MA Rantle is your ultimate solution. We have wide selection of different components.

NSC/TI LM7321MAX/NOPB are rail-to-rail input and output amplifiers with wide operating voltages and high output currents.

The LM7321MA are efficient, achieving 18 V/µs slew rate and 20 MHz unity gain bandwidth while requiring only 1 mA of supply current per op amp.

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Professional LM7321MA Distributor - Rantle East Electronic

Texas Instruments(TI) IC components LM7321MA is designed to drive unlimited capacitive loads without oscillations. The LM7341 is a 4 MHz rail-to-rail input and output part that requires only 0.6 mA to operate and can drive unlimited capacitive load.

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It has a voltage gain of 97 dB, a CMRR of 93 dB, and a PSRR of 104 dB. parts are tested at −40°C, 125°C, and 25°C, with modern automatic test equipment.  High performance from −40°C to 125°C, detailed specifications and extensive testing makes them suitable for industrial, automotive, and communications applications.

Rantle can distribute LM7321MA which is offered in a space saving 8-Pin MSOP package. The LM7321MA is also offered in a small SOT23-5 package, which makes it easy to place this part close to sensors for better circuit performance. Rantle is an outstanding source of LM7321MA in China. For the LM7321MA, the available output current increases with the input overdrive.

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The NSC/TI IC chips LM7321MA output stage is designed for maximum output current capability. Even though momentary output shorts to ground and either supply can be tolerated at all operating voltages, longer-lasting short conditions can cause the junction temperature to rise beyond the absolute maximum rating of the device, especially at higher supply voltage conditions.

Below the supply voltage of 6V, the output short circuit condition can be tolerated indefinitely. The LM7321MA is a dual rail-to-rail amplifier with a slightly lower GBW capable of sinking and sourcing 100 mA. It is available in SOIC and MSOP packages. The LM7321MA is dual op amp with very low noise and 0.7 mV voltage offset. The LM7321MA and LM7321MAX/NOPB are single and dual low noise amplifiers that can work from ±22 volt supplies.

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Rantle can satisfy your needs. We are the kind of distributor that holds a good reputation. We can distribute your need in a timely.

Always choose Rantle when regards to electronic components. We can produce your needs to complete your projects.

Contact us when you need Texas Instruments(TI) electronic components and parts LM7321MA or any product number.

To learn more about the Texas Instruments(TI) IC chips LM7321MAX, please click the LM7321 datasheet.

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