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Rantle Electronic is an independent and professional distributor of LPC2387FBD100 components located in China. Due to our excellence and knowledge, our products can be distributed in different clients. We use the latest machine and technique in this industry. You can find the awesome LPC2387FBD100 at Rantle Electronic.


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Rantle East Electronic offer a high-quality NXP/PHILPS LPC2387FBD100. We have a variety of components which is best for your application. All devices from Rantle East Electronic is reliable and have excellent performance.

The NXP LPC2387FBD100 includes a SRAM memory of 64 kB reserved for the ARM processor exclusive use. This RAM may be used for code and data storage and may be accessed as 8 bits, 16 bits, and 32 bits.

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Rantle East Electronic can provide a high-end LPC2387FBD100. Whether you need a skilled distributor for your LPC2387FBD100 needs, Rantle electronics can serve you in a better way. You will be satisfied if you choose our components. Rantle East Electronic can distribute the exact part number of components to make it suitable for your project requirements.

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The NXP LPC2387FBD100 incorporates a 512 kB flash memory system respectively. This memory may be used for both code and data storage. Programming of the flash memory may be accomplished in several ways.

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It may be programmed in System via the serial port. The application program of this device may also erase and program the flash while the application is running, allowing a great degree of flexibility for data storage field and firmware upgrades.

The NXP IC chips LPC2387FBD100 microcontroller consists of an ARM7TDMI-S CPU with emulation support, the ARM7 local bus for closely coupled, high-speed access to the majority of on-chip memory, the AMBA AHB interfacing to high-speed on-chip peripherals, and the AMBA APB for connection to other on-chip peripheral functions.

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It implements two AHB in order to allow the Ethernet block to operate without interference caused by other system activity. The primary AHB, referred to as AHB1, includes the VIC and GPDMA controller. Rantle LPC2387FBD100 ‘s flash memory is 128 bits wide and includes pre-fetching and buffering techniques to allow it to operate at SRAM speeds of 72 MHz. 

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PHILIPS/NXP LPC2387FBD100  is ideal for multi-purpose serial communication applications. It incorporates a 10/100 Ethernet Media Access Controller, USB full speed device with 4 kB of endpoint RAM, four UARTs, two CAN channels, an SPI interface, two Synchronous Serial Port , three I2C interfaces, and an I2S interface.

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To learn more the NXP electronic components and parts LPC2387FBD100, please click the LPC2387FBD100 datasheet.

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