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The TI chips TPS78633DCQ transistor has a built-in back diode that conducts reverse current when the input voltage drops below the output voltage for example, during power down.

The current is conducted from the output to the input and is not internally limited. If extended reverse voltage operation is anticipated, external limiting might be appropriate.

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Texas Instruments(TI) ic components TPS78633DCQ features internal current limiting and thermal protection. During normal operation, the TPS78633DCQ limits output current to approximately 2.8 A.

It is designed to operate from an input voltage supply range from 2.7 V to 5.5 V. The input voltage range provides adequate headroom for the device to have a regulated output.

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When current limiting engages, the output voltage scales back linearly until the overcurrent condition ends.

While current limiting is designed to prevent gross device failure, take care not to exceed the power dissipation ratings of the package.

If the temperature of the device exceeds approximately 165°C, thermal-protection circuitry shuts it down.

Once the device has cooled down to below approximately 140°C, regulator operation resumes.

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The TPS78633DCQ family of low-dropout (LDO) regulators has been optimized for use in noise-sensitive equipment.

Another feature of this device is that extremely low dropout voltages, high PSRR, ultralow-output noise, low quiescent current, and enable input to reduce supply currents to less than 1 μA when the regulator is turned off.

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Texas Instruments(TI) ic chips TPS78633DCQ has an NR pin that is connected to the voltage reference through a 250-kΩ internal resistor.

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To learn more about the Texas Instruments(TI) electronic components and parts TPS78633DCQ, please click the TPS78633DCQ datasheet.

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