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Rantle has been in distributing industry for over ten years. We are maintaining our excellent assistance services to our beloved customers worldwide. Rantle is a well-known supplier that can source high-quality electronic parts, including XC7A100T-2FGG484I. Keep updated with our newest models of electronic components, specifically the XILINX XC7A100T-2FGG484I. Rantle is the only distributor that can certainly satisfy you with our services. 


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Rantle is your complete guide to have a successful electronic part business. We never get tired of giving you high-efficient XC7A100T-2FGG484I for any of your device applications. We can produce your needed XILINX XC7A100T-2FGG484I for all of your device applications. We have a lot of available parts numbers of electronic components for your choices.

If you are searching for high-performance XC7A100T-2FG484I, Rantle indeed provides you with that. We help you find your required number part of the electronic par that suits your device. We make sure that our released XC7A100T-2FG484I is in the best condition and function. Let us know the details of your applications.

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Rantle is always making sure of the advantages of our beloved customers. We are your responsible partner in the electronic part business that knows what is best to help you increase its sales. XILINX ic parts XC7A100T-2FGG484I has CMT connecting phase-locked loop and a diverse mode clock manager.

XC7A100T-2FGG484I supplier

We are always ready to give you full assistance from processing to delivering your ordered XC7A100T-2FGG484I and other related products. XILINX ic chips XC7A100T-2FGG484I has 0 to 85°C/0°C to 100°C/-40°C to 100°C operating temperatures. It performs with high-speed serial relation with built-in GB transceivers.

Rantle has increased design productivity, scalable advanced architecture, all-inclusive tools, and IP.  We have complete types of equipment that ensure you high-quality XC7A100T-2FGG484I. It has a full contraction of power of about 65% lower static and 50% lower power than 45nm generation devices when it performs.

XC7A100T-2FGG484I distributor

The XILINX ic components XC7A100T-2FGG484I operates with 1.2V to 3.3V I/O voltage. We make sure of its high performance and durability. The XC7A100T-2FG484I has a minimum of -40 °C and a maximum of 100 °C temperature. It almost has a 607.5 kB RAM size. 

Rantle is composed of dynamic and hardworking teams that are assigned to process your orders. All our staff is educated and professional to handle the limited and your bulk orders. We assure you of secured packaging and delivering your ordered XC7A100T-2FGG484I. 

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With the help of our professional electromechanical engineers, we assure you that every part of our released XC7A100T-2FGG484I operates well according to its role. We are checking first all our electronic components before introducing them to our clients locally and abroad.

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We are operating 24/7 for your anytime questions and orders. Our extensive standard stocks of different types of XC7A100T-2FGG484I can fully support your running electronic part business. Rantle conducts a strict quality control system to assure your flawless operation of XC7A100T-2FGG484I.

Please feel accessible to inquire or contact us for your ordered XC7A100T-2FGG484I!

To learn more about XILINX electronic components and parts XC7A100T-2FGG484I, please click the XC7A100T-2FGG484I datasheet.

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