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ADR3425ARJZ Distributor - Your Best ADR3425ARJZ Supplier in China

Rantle has a rich experience in the distribution industry. We can distribute various kinds of electronic components according to the needs of our customers. We are proud to distribute our products with the highest quality at affordable rates. One of our business fields is providing a high-quality ADR3425ARJZ.


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RANTLE is an excellent source of ADR3425ARJZ devices. As a great distributor in China, we can provide your ADR3425ARJZ on time. By using processing mechanics, we grant a desirable, efficient, and trustworthy ADR3425ARJZ, ADR3425ARJZ-R7 and other electronic components. 

With ANALOG DEVICES INC.(ADI) IC components ADR3425ARJZ, you can enjoy the great advantages and benefits of this. This device offers a reliable function. Rantle East electronic can be your prominent supplier and partner in the electronics business-related.

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Rantle East electronic can greatly distribute an ADR3425ARJZ and another part number of electronics with enticing characteristics. Rantle East electronic is a proficient ADR3425ARJZ supplier and ADR3425ARJZ-R7 distributor in China. With AD IC parts ADR3425ARJZ, you will be having a great result for your business. Choose Rantle East electronic for your business sake.

ADR3425ARJZ supplier

The ANALOG DEVICES INC.(ADI) IC chips ADR3425ARJZ is suitable in a variety of applications like Precision data acquisition systems, High-resolution data converters, Industrial instrumentation, Medical devices, Automotive controls, Battery-powered devices, and so on.

It features Initial accuracy: ±0.1%, Maximum temperature coefficient: 8 ppm/°C, Operating temperature range: −40°C to +125°C, Output current: +10 mA source/−3 mA sink, Low quiescent current: 100 μA, Low dropout voltage: 250 mV at 2 mA, Output noise: <18 μV p-p at 2.5, and 6-lead SOT-23 package.

ADR3425ARJZ distributor

The ADR3425ARJZ  is a device that offers low cost,  low power, high precision CMOS voltage references, featuring, ±0.1% initial accuracy, low operating current, and low output noise in a small SOT-23 package. 

For high accuracy, output voltage and temperature coefficient are trimmed digitally during final assembly using Analog Devices, Inc., patented DigiTrim technology. Its stability and its system reliability are further improved by the low output-voltage hysteresis of the device and low long-term output voltage drift. 

ADR3425ARJZ price

One of the good things about ADR3425ARJZ is that it is available in a wide range of output voltages, all of which are specified over the industrial temperature range of −40°C to +125°C. ANALOG DEVICES INC.(ADI) ADR3425ARJZ  is an advantageous device.

Rantle East electronic is the only ultimate choice for those who need a reliable ADI component ADR3425ARJZ distributor and supplier. Rantle is the no.1 ADR3425ARJZ distributor and ADR3425ARJZ-R7 wholesaler in China. We have a different product number of electronic components that may be distributed to our clients.

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Rantle East electronic is the world’s leading electronics distributor. We offer outstanding products at friendly and affordable rates. We look forward and we are happy to work with you to establish long-term relations of cooperation.

If you need more information, contact us without hesitation, we have a sales representative that will help and give you assistance!

To learn more about the ADI electronic components and parts ADR3425ARJZ, please click the ADR3425ARJ datasheet.

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