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ADUM1301ARWZ Distributor - Your Best ADUM1301ARWZ Supplier in China

Rantle is an executive ADUM1301ARWZ supplier and distributor. We have full capability to distribute excellent and good quality of ADUM1301ARWZ including ADUM1301ARW, ADUM1301ARWZ-RL and any part number of electronic components. We have complete equipment and we make sure our components are well tested.


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Rantle is one of the best and trusted distributor when it comes to electronic components. ADI  ADUM1301ARW has a quality and outstanding performance.

The ADUM1301ARWZ isolators provide three independent isolation channels in a variety of channel configurations and data rates.

You can choose Rantle as your ADUM1301ARWZ one stop solution. We glad to supply any electronic components to support your projects.

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Rantle ADUM1301ARWZ digital isolator requires no external interface circuitry for the logic interfaces. Power supply bypassing is strongly recommended at the input and output supply pins.

Bypass capacitors are most conveniently connected between Pin 1 and Pin 2 for VDD1 and between Pin 15 and Pin 16 for VDD2.

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The capacitor value should be between 0.01 μF and 0.1 μF. The total lead length between both ends of the capacitor and the input power supply pin should not exceed 20 mm.

Bypassing between Pin 1 and Pin 8 and between Pin 9 and Pin 16 should also be considered unless the ground pair on each package side is connected close to the package

ADUM1301ARWZ distributor

Our ADUM1301ARWZ is extremely immune to external magnetic fields. The limitation on the magnetic field immunity of the ADUM1301ARWZ is set by the condition in which induced voltage in the receiving coil of the transformer is sufficiently large enough to either falsely set or reset the decoder.

The following analysis defines the conditions under which this may occur. The insulation lifetime of the ADUM1301ARWZ depends on the voltage waveform type imposed across the isolation barrier.

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ANALOG DEVICES ADUM1301ARWZ-RL are triple-channel digital isolators based on the Analog Devices, Inc., iCoupler® technology.

Our ADUM1301ARWZ can be used in various applications like multichannel isolation SPI interface, data converter isolation RS-232, RS-422/RS-485 transceivers, Industrial field bus isolation, and Automotive systems.

Rantle has over 10 years of experience in distributing complete electrical kits. In Rantle you can guarantee a quality product.

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Rantle is committed to distributing electronic components for various years. Our products very suit your budget. With exceptional service, Rantle will be your most reliable one-stop source.

We have adequate knowledge and expertise in designing high-quality components. Our capacities allow us to serve quickly and efficiently to support your project requirements.

Rantle will help you to bring your business to the next level. We are a great partner you can be.

So whenever you need ADUM1301ARWZ do not hesitate to contact us!

Learn more about the ADUM1301ARWZ, please click the ADUM1301ARWZ datasheet.

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