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RANTLE is an independent ROHM BA10358F distributor. Using advanced processing mechanics, we grant an extremely effective and trustworthy BA10358F component. Excellently use a wide kind of business and industrial purposes. Rantle is the best electronic components supplier in China.


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RANTLE distributed BA10358F which offers an extensive range of applications for your device.  On a single chip, BA10358F integrates independent two or four Op-Amps. The BA10358F has some features of low power consumption,  high-gain,  and a single power supply of 3V to 36V operating voltage range.   

Rantle offers not only BA10358F but also high-reliability BA10358F-E2 components. These devices have low input offset 2mV maximum voltage.  The BA10358F-E2 can be operated with a single voltage power supply. Rantle is highly capable of supplying BA10358F and BA10358F-E2. 

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Get your BA10358F at Rantle now. For your comfort, we offer various component parts for your projects. You can have a reliable BA10358F and BA10358F-E2 parts anytime you need it.

The BA10358F family integrates on a single chip the phase compensation capacitors.  These will allow you to use a wide voltage range operating supply. 

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Rantle supplies  BA10358F as a low-cost version. The BA10358F input and output are  GND sense which operable with low supply current.  It offers a wide range of temperature applications.  The BA10358F are open-loop high gain voltage. 

Moreover, our components like BA10358F-E2  recognized high-speed operation. It featured a sense of current application. 

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The BA10358F-E2 consists of an active filter, perfectly used application amplifier buffer. This helps reduces crossover distortions.  Suitable to strengthen the level or your devices. 

A series of BA10358F are monolithic ICs featuring frequency and high gain compensation. These devices are both have independent two built-in operational amplifiers.

Our business is to deal with you with our durable and reliable components. These products offer a wide range of operating voltage particularly.

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Rantle delivers high-quality BA10358F and BA10358F-E2 at competitive prices. Our products absolutely will suit your budget.

With outstanding service, Rantle will be your most reliable source. Rantle is incorporating in supplying electronic components for many years. We have enough knowledge and expertise in distributing high-quality components. 

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For your inquiries and consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have 24/7 online customer-friendly personnel who will help you. 

Learn more about the BA10358F, please click the BA10358F datasheet.

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