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CMD CM8870PI provides full DTMF receiver capability by integrating both the band-split filter and digital decoder functions into a single 18-pin DIP package.  The CM8870PI decoder uses digital counting techniques for the detection and decoding of all 16 DTMF tone pairs into a 4-bit code.

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Rantle CM8870PI DTMF Integrated Receiver provides the design engineer with not only low power consumption, but high performance in a small 18-pin DIP, SOIC, or 20-pin PLCC package configuration.

The CM8870PI’s internal architecture consists of a band-split filter section that separates the high and low tones of the received pair, followed by a digital decode section that verifies both the frequency and duration of the received tones before passing the resultant 4-bit code to the output bus.

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CM8870PI device decoder uses a digital counting technique to determine the frequencies of the limited tones and to verify that these tones correspond to standard DTMF frequencies.

And the complex averaging algorithm is used to protect against tone simulation by extraneous signals while providing tolerance to small frequency variations.

The CM8870PI in a PLCC package has a buffered oscillator output that can be used to drive clock inputs of other devices such as a microprocessor.  The filter section uses a switched capacitor technique for both high and low group filters and dial tone rejection.

This CM8870PI DTMF receiver minimizes external component count by providing an on-chip differential input amplifier, clock generator, and a latched three-state interface bus.  Its on-chip clock generator requires only a low-cost TV crystal or ceramic resonator as an external component.


It features a Full DTMF receiver, Less than 35mW power consumption, industrial temperature range, Uses quartz crystal, or ceramic resonators, Adjustable acquisition, and release times.

And it is suitable in many applications including, PABX, Central office, Mobile radio, Remote control, Remote data entry, Call limiting, Telephone answering systems, and Paging systems.

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Learn more about the CM8870PI, please click the CM8870PI datasheet.

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