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BSS138-7-F Distributor - Your BSS138-7-F Supplier in China

Rantle is your trustworthy DIODES BSS138-7-F supplier and distributor in China. We are your friendly partner that offers cost-effective electronic components for your business. Rantle always uses to set up first the requests of our customers. We are your professional distributor that allows your customized specifications of BSS138-7-F for your device applications.


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Rantle is your leading supplier that provides only high-standard quality electronic components, especially DIODES BSS138-7-F. We are very responsible for giving satisfying assistance to our purchasing clients. Distributing high-durable BSS138-7-F worldwide is our line of work.

So if you want to include BSS138-7-F to the list of your selling electronic components, contact Rantle, and we can provide you enough quantity for that. Rantle has extensive stocks of electronic components that assure you of quick delivery. Just let us know your choice, and we will take care of the rest of the processes.

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Professional BSS138-7-F Distributor - Rantle East Electronic

Rantle focuses on supplying active, passive, and other in-demand electronic components. We are your long-time distributor that continuously provides your requested electronic parts like BSS138-7-F.

BSS138-7-F supplier

We have stable supplies of any electronic components that are compatible with every applicable device. Rantle is your instant source for your anytime or even quick orders. We primarily offer this high-quality BSS138-7-F for the best of your operating device.

You can tell us your required applications, and we will do its quick customization. This reliable BSS138-7-F and its related products are available at the lowest cost possible. Rantle expertly processes your orders without any hassle.

BSS138-7-F Features and Benefits:

  • Low-on protection
  • A low gate threshold voltage
  • Low input efficiency
  • Rapid switching speed
  • Standard input and output leakage
  • Fully lead-free
  • Halogen and antimony free
  • High-reliability

Rantle is your leading supplier that supports even your start-up business. Our BSS138-7-F has about – 20 V + 20 V gate-source of voltages. This electronic component has a minimum of – 55°C and a maximum of + 150°C operating temperature.

BSS138-7-F price

The DIODES BSS138-7-F from Rantle performs precisely based on its function on your applied device. It operates with about 200mA (Ta) constant drain of current. This high-quality electronic part mainly minimizes the on-state resistance. 

The said electronic component still maintains the high-switching operation. The BSS138-7-F is also perfect for high-efficient power management utilizations. Rantle can indeed lead you to the most suitable electronic part like BSS138-7-F for your specific application.

Rantle has enough stocks of different types of electronic components for your numerous orders. We conduct strict product inspections, especially BSS138-7-F, to ensure its quality and performance. We never supply low-quality products.

buy BSS138-7-F

We are your dependable associates in a successful electronic component business. Rantle has professional electromechanical engineers that can assure you of the best feature and benefits of BSS138-7-F. 

Let us know your desire specifications, and we will look for them from our stocks. We can also grant your customized electronic part like BSS138-7-F for your perfect applications. Rantle is always willing to accommodate your calls and emails.

Please feel free to choose and purchase our offered BSS138-7-F now!

To learn more about DIODES electronic components and parts BSS138-7-F, please click the BSS138-7-F datasheet.

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