Manufacturer Introduction: Conexant Systems, Inc (Synaptics)

Manufacturer Introduction: Conexant Systems, Inc (Synaptics) Manufacturer

With its headquarters in Newport Beach, California, Conexant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNXT) has made a name for itself as a critical participant in the semiconductor business. Conexant, formerly a division of Rockwell International, separated into its firm in 1999 and focused on fabless semiconductors. It has developed a reputation throughout time for providing cutting-edge solutions for applications, including imaging, audio, video, and Internet connectivity.

Conexant has established itself as a leader in several critical sectors with its portfolio of high-performance system solutions. Conexant was acquired by the well-known provider of HMI solutions, Synaptics, in 2017, expanding the company’s technological prowess and market penetration. Conexant’s evolution has reached a significant turning point with this acquisition, setting it up for future expansion and innovation in the semiconductor industry.

Company Background

As a spin-off from Rockwell International, Conexant Systems, Inc. was founded in 1999 and inherited a long history of technological innovation. Notable accomplishments throughout Rockwell’s history include creating the Global Positioning System (GPS), the space shuttle, and the B-1 bomber. These successes provided Conexant with a solid platform to enter the semiconductor market.

Following its independence, Conexant created a name specializing in Internet connectivity audio, video, and imaging solutions. The business carried on Rockwell’s pioneering spirit by launching cutting-edge semiconductor solutions that catered to the demands of developing markets.

Reacquiring Rocketdyne in 1984, a significant player in the US rocket engine market, was one of the critical turning points in its history and increased its technological capabilities. Conexant also produced a MOSFET-based desktop calculator, which became Rockwell Semiconductor’s most well-known product when it was first designed for engineers at North American Aviation.

During its journey, Conexant has developed key alliances and broadened its product line. These include integrated MFP SoCs for printers, high-performance systems for networked digital photo frames, and cutting-edge audio and video solutions. These initiatives cemented Conexant’s standing as a pioneer in the semiconductor sector, culminating in its 2017 acquisition by Synaptics, which increased its scope and power.

Product Portfolio

Conexant Systems, Inc. has a broad product line that includes products for embedded modems, audio, video, image, and other vital areas. Advanced solutions tailored to different sectors and applications are available in each region.

Imaging Solutions

Conexant offers highly integrated multifunction printer (MFP) SoCs for inkjet, laser, and picture printers and high-performance system solutions for Internet-connected digital photo frames. Both consumers and organizations can enjoy linked, high-quality imaging experiences thanks to these technologies.

Audio Solutions

Conexant offers a variety of HD audio integrated circuits, HD audio codecs, and speakers-on-a-chip solutions in the audio industry. The essential items are the CX20468 and CX20561 chips, widely utilized in voice-over-IP speakerphones, laptop docking stations, PC peripheral sound systems, and personal computers. These audio solutions are well-known for their adaptability and high-definition sound quality, serving a range of audio-enabled applications.

Video Solutions

Conexant offers video devices, including media bridges and decoders for security and surveillance applications and system solutions for PCTV and other analog video-based multimedia applications. These video solutions provide dependable performance and excellent video processing capabilities for the consumer and business industries.

Embedded Modems

Set-top boxes, point-of-sale systems, desktop and laptop PCs, home automation and security systems, and more depend on the company’s embedded modem solutions. Modems from Conexant, such as the CX93010, offer reliable and effective connectivity, guaranteeing smooth data transfer and communication across a range of embedded applications.

Conexant’s varied product offerings serve a broad spectrum of sectors by offering cutting-edge solutions that improve connectivity, multimedia experiences, and imaging capabilities on various platforms and devices.

Technological Innovations

Conexant Systems, Inc. has continuously led the way in technological innovation in the semiconductor sector, bringing several groundbreaking innovations to the market.
One noteworthy development is MindSpeed, a Conexant company specializing in designing and manufacturing high-speed communication chips, which has incorporated ARM7 TDMI cores.

This combination has enabled the development of extremely effective and potent communication solutions, improving data transfer speeds and dependability across a range of applications. Because of their excellent performance and low power consumption, the ARM7 TDMI cores are well-suited for demanding communication tasks.

The sound quality and performance of Conexant’s audio decoder chips have likewise raised industry standards. Major manufacturers, including Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and ThinkPad, extensively use models like the CX20468, CX20493, CX20561, and CX20549. These chips are essential for peripheral sound systems for PCs, personal computers, and other audio-enabled devices. Thanks to their high-definition audio capabilities and effective processing, they are the go-to option for producing sound quality above and beyond.

Another noteworthy accomplishment is Conexant’s creation of speakers-on-a-chip solutions, which combine several audio functions into a single chip. This invention has simplified the design of audio systems, cut expenses, and enhanced functionality overall.

Conexant has also developed cutting-edge imaging solutions, such as integrated MFP SoCs for printers and high-performance system solutions for networked digital picture frames. These technologies have created seamless user experiences by improving the connectivity and quality of imaging equipment.

Conexant’s technological inventions have generally fostered advancements across various industries, including communication, audio, and image, and they have also propelled the company to a top position in the semiconductor industry.

Quality and Performance

Conexant Systems, Inc. is well known for its steadfast dedication to performance and quality throughout its product line. The organization implements strict procedures during the product development and manufacturing phases to maintain high standards and satisfy clients.

Conexant uses quality control procedures and sophisticated testing techniques in its product development process to guarantee the dependability and functionality of its products. Strict testing protocols are implemented to verify longevity, interoperability with various applications, and performance metrics.

Moreover, Conexant adheres to industry-leading certifications and standards to validate its quality assurance practices. Certifications such as ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 14001 for environmental management underscore Conexant’s dedication to excellence and sustainability.

The company also collaborates with industry associations and regulatory bodies to stay current with changing standards and best practices. Thanks to this proactive strategy, Conexant can consistently improve its quality assurance procedures and produce goods that meet or surpass industry standards.

Conexant has established itself as a reliable leader in the semiconductor business thanks to its unwavering dedication to quality and performance, which is evident in its wide range of products and satisfied customers.

Acquisition by Synaptics

In 2017, Conexant Systems, Inc. was fully acquired by renowned human-machine interface company Synaptics. This strategic move was propelled by several essential elements intended to improve Synaptics’ technological prowess and commercial visibility.

The acquisition was primarily motivated by the strategic goal of diversifying Synaptics’ product offering, which includes connection, audio, and image technologies. Conexant’s knowledge in these fields supplemented Synaptics’ current product line, allowing the merged company to provide clients with more complete solutions.

The acquisition also facilitated the integration of Conexant’s advanced technologies into Synaptics’ portfolio, further bolstering its competitive edge in the semiconductor industry. Combining Synaptics’ human-machine interface technology with Conexant’s audio, vision, and communication solutions resulted in cutting-edge devices.

Conexant’s acquisition by Synaptics was, overall, a calculated strategic decision meant to propel growth, broaden market penetration, and provide clients with more value through an expanded array of cutting-edge products.


To sum up, Conexant Systems, Inc. has led the way in the semiconductor business by advancing the development of innovative connectivity, audio, visual, and image technologies. From the beginning to Synaptics’ acquisition of the company, Conexant has consistently pushed the envelope and demonstrated its dedication to technological innovation.

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