Your Best CP2105-F01-GM Distributor in China

CP2105-F01-GM Distributor - Your Best CP2105-F01-GMR Supplier in China

Rantle East electronic is your one-stop source of electronic parts, electronic components, and other related products in mainland China. Rantle is a supplier of various series of CP2105-F01-GM nationwide. SILICON LABS CP2105-F01-GM used to improve the quality of your device with wide applications in electronic industries. 


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Are your devices lacking interface – controllers? Rantle is an authorized distributor of interface – controllers (ICs) like CP2105-F01-GMR. The series of  SILICON CP2105-F01-GM are RoHS compliant with SMD or SMT mounting style. Perfectly use for USB to UART and bridge function for every electronic device

Rantle delivers CP2105-F01-GM with 0.75 mm height, 4 mm length, and 4 mm width. This product meets quality standards with a compact footprint for space-restrictive applications or use. Suitable for every electronic device specification. 

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Professional CP2105-F01-GM Distributor - Rantle East Electronic

Rantle East Electronic distributes various types of electronic components to support your business. SILICON LABS high-performance CP2105-F01-GM are USB 2.0 standards

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Rantle supplies CP2105-F01-GM interface IC I/O controller and USB protocol.  These products are featured to exceed industry standards. 

Add this SILICON ic components CP2105-F01-GM interface controllers to fix things up in your electronic devices. SILICON LABS CP2105-F01-GM device’s package QFN-24 (4×4).

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The CP2105-F01-GM has a unit weight of 0.001368 oz with interface UART. Rantle offers CP2105-F01-GM  without radiation hardening.  It also has 5 numbers of digital IO.

Rantle has unlimited supplies for CP2105-F01-GM with 296 B size of EEPROM memory.  These products are a 3.3 V operating voltage supply with a supply of 17mA current

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The CP2105-F01-GMR is also available in 1.8V, 3V ~ 3.6V supply voltage. Our CP2105-F01-GM  will allow you to operate with -40°C ~ 85°C temperature.

SILICON ic chips CP2105-F01-GM interface controllers have a minimum operating of – 40 C temperature. CP2105-F01-GM  also has a maximum operating of + 85 C temperature.

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SILICON ic parts CP2105-F01-GM provides SMD isolation modules that are high-reliable to meet strict safety standards and requirements.

Rantle can grant your best delivery for CP2105-F01-GMR in a short period of time. Together with our top couriers, you will experience a trouble-free delivery guarantee.

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We also implemented 31 days warranty for every product. Rantle offers CP2105-F01-GM with the most suitable pricing to our valued customers. 

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To learn more about SILICON LABS electronic components and parts CP2105-F01-GM, please click the CP2105-F01-GM datasheet.

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