Manufacturer Introduction: Dantona Industries Manufacturer

Manufacturer Introduction: Dantona Industries Manufacturer

Dantona Industries, Inc. is a leading supplier and manufacturer of various batteries, chargers, and battery packs. Founded in 1988 by brothers Sal and Don Dantona, the company started from humble beginnings, operating from their childhood home in Wantagh, New York. Despite early challenges, Dantona Industries has grown significantly, expanding its product line from a few phone batteries to over 6000 products spanning 43 applications. Today, Dantona Industries is a significant player in the battery industry. It is known for its high-quality products and extensive range, serving both industrial and consumer markets with reliability and innovation.

History and Humble Beginnings

Dantona Industries, Inc. was founded in 1988 by brothers Sal and Don Dantona. The idea for the business was born in their mother’s kitchen, where they discussed their aspirations of entrepreneurship. Despite the challenges of starting a new business, including financing, they received a loan from their parents, who took out a mortgage on their home to support their sons. The business initially operated from their childhood home in Wantagh, New York, with the living room as their warehouse.

The company’s first product lines included cordless telephone antennas and rubber bumpers. As they packaged antennas on their mother’s washer and dryer, they noticed that every cordless telephone required a battery. This realization marked a pivotal moment in their business journey, leading them to shift their focus to batteries. From an initial offering of 12 phone batteries, Dantona Industries expanded rapidly.

Shortly after, the business outgrew its home operations and moved into an 1800 sq. ft. building. This move marked the beginning of their significant growth. The company continued to expand its product offerings and market presence, establishing itself as a reliable supplier of various types of batteries.

Product Range and Quality

Dantona Industries offers extensive products catering to various industrial and consumer market needs. Their product line includes PDA batteries, power tool replacement batteries, digital camera batteries, two-way radio batteries, laptop and desktop computer batteries, DVD batteries, barcode scanner batteries, and custom battery packs. Additionally, they provide specialty batteries for cordless phones, cellular phones, video games, remote controls, solar lights, and more.

The company ensures high-quality manufacturing processes, partnering with renowned brands such as Ultralast, SAFT, and Panasonic to supply top-tier batteries. This commitment to quality is evident in its diverse product range, which includes alkaline batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and lithium polymer batteries. Dantona’s products are designed to meet stringent standards, providing reliable performance and longevity.

Moreover, Dantona Industries excels in creating custom battery packs tailored to specific needs and applications. The company can develop custom solutions that meet unique requirements for industrial equipment, consumer electronics, or specialized tools. This flexibility and dedication to quality have solidified Dantona Industries’ reputation as a trusted supplier in the battery market.

Growth and Expansion

Dantona Industries’ growth and expansion have been fueled by key partnerships with major battery manufacturers such as Sanyo, Panasonic, Enersys, Saft, and Tadiran. These relationships have enabled Dantona to source high-quality batteries and enhance its product offerings. By working closely with these industry giants, Dantona has secured a reputation for reliability and excellence in the battery market.

In the 1990s, Dantona Industries pioneered the replacement battery business in the United States. They recognized the burgeoning demand for replacement batteries and positioned themselves as a premier supplier. Their foresight and strategic initiatives set the stage for their leadership in this market. Dantona’s influence and innovation helped shape the replacement battery industry, making it a go-to source for consumers and businesses.

From their humble beginnings with just 12 phone batteries, Dantona Industries has expanded its product line to encompass 6000 different products, catering to 43 different applications. Their extensive range includes batteries for power tools, digital cameras, laptops, cordless phones, and more. This vast product line is distributed through partnerships with major retailers like Ace Hardware, Best Buy, and Walmart, further solidifying Dantona’s market presence and accessibility.

Team and Corporate Culture

Dantona Industries’ success is deeply rooted in the dedication and loyalty of its experienced team. Many employees have been with the company for nearly three decades, contributing to a stable and knowledgeable workforce. This team has managed, purchased, handled, shipped, and received the company’s extensive inventory of 6,000 items.

Operational excellence at Dantona Industries is driven by the team’s commitment to efficiency and quality. Their coordinated efforts ensure smooth operations and timely product delivery, meeting the high standards expected by their customers. The company’s focus on employee retention and satisfaction has fostered a collaborative and motivated work environment.

Dantona Industries has received numerous customer service awards and recognitions, highlighting its commitment to excellence. These accolades reflect the company’s dedication to providing top-notch service and maintaining strong customer relationships.

Current Accomplishments and Market Position

Today, Dantona Industries stands as the nation’s premier replacement battery supplier. Their industry leadership is a testament to their consistent quality, extensive product range, and strategic market positioning. Dantona’s presence in major battery-buying groups and its franchise agreements with leading battery manufacturers underscore its influence and reach in the market.

The success of Dantona’s brands—Ultralast, Denaq, and Dantona—further illustrates their market penetration. These brands are prominently featured in major retail outlets, including Ace Hardware, Best Buy, and Walmart, making Dantona’s products easily accessible to a broad consumer base. This widespread availability, coupled with the company’s reputation for quality and reliability, has cemented Dantona Industries’ position as a leader in the battery industry.


Dantona Industries, Inc. has grown from humble beginnings to become a premier supplier of high-quality batteries, chargers, and battery packs. With a history of innovation, an extensive product range, and a dedicated team, they have solidified their market position and continue to lead the industry. Explore Dantona Industries’ products for all your industrial and consumer battery needs. With the next generation poised to continue its legacy, Dantona Industries looks forward to a bright future, contributing to advancements in the battery industry for years to come.

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