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  • Competitive Price for DG1B05BW
  • 5V coil DC voltage
  • maximum of 0.5 A switching current
  • 200 V switching AC voltage
  • 10 W switching power
  • DG1B05BW
  • DG1B05BW

If your applications or business needs a reliable quality DG1B05BW, RANTLE can be your number one supplier!

In China, RANTLE is an expert and reputable distributor of premium quality DG1B05BW which has an ultra-miniature size for standard industry footprint.

An industry miniature-size DG1B05BW standard package is also available at RANTLE. Apart from this, RANTLE is a supplier of superior quality DG1B05BW with diodes and optional shielding.

DG1B05BW Distributor

Our reliable quality DG1B05BW is also available with UL modes.

Moreover, RANTLE distributed top-quality DG1B05BW which supports a 5V coil DC voltage.

As an additional, a maximum of 200 V switching AC voltage is incorporated into our superior quality DG1B05BW for a maximum performance level.

It can also carry a maximum of 1 A current.

DG1B05BW Price

As a professional supplier, RANTLE offers you a trusted quality DG1B05BW which can operate with a maximum of 0.5 A switching current.

In order to suit your preference, RANTLE provides a high capability DG1B05BW that can support a maximum of 10 W switching power.

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Reliable DG1B05BW Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

We are also offering a top-quality DG1B05BW with a PC pin terminal type.

At RANTLE, you can purchase bulk orders of dependable quality DG1B05BW with a through-hole mounting style.

You can certainly rely at RANTLE when it comes to satisfying your highest-quality DG1B05BW needs.

Make RANTLE you’re the best business partner!

At RANTLE, we offer a huge amount of high-quality DG1B05BW stocks for your urgent and bulk orders.

DG1B05BW Supplier

At the top of that, rapid delivery is also offered by RANTLE.

Normally, we send orders of DG1B05BW within 1 to 5 days upon completing your payments.

Plus, the competitive cost is also provided by RANTLE to support your business.

With RANTLE, your business will surely achieve its success!

Coupled with over 16 years of experience in the field of electronic part distribution, RANTLE becomes the most trusted and verified independent supplier based in China.

We know that the requirements and supply chain of electronic components becomes diverse and keeps on changing.

For that reason, RANTLE offers a wide range of top-quality DG1B05BW for your needs.

We have made our good reputation through maintaining our expert customer service sales and staff who will assure you to serve you with the best price as well as swift delivery.

You don’t have to worry if you purchase trusted quality DG1B05BW from us since these are all comes in standard.

When thinking to source excellent quality DG1B05BW, consider RANTLE first.

buy DG1B05BW

Our electronic parts are tested and inspected by our knowledgeable quality control team beforehand so that we can assure good functionality and excellent condition.

If you are interested in our DG1B05BW, send us today your inquiries!

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