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  • 2.7 V up to 5.5 V operating range
  • a 128-byte to 256-byte RAM
  • 16-bit three counter/timers
  • TTL and CMOS compatible
  • P80C32X2BBD
  • P80C32X2BBD

The high-quality P80C32X2BBD supplied by RANTLE is a Philip microcontroller that has high-performance static designs.

All of RANTLE’s top-quality P80C32X2BBD is incorporated with CMOS Philips’ high-density technology which can operate a range of 2.7 V up to 5.5 V.

Also, RANTLE’s excellent quality P80C32X2BBD can support both 12-clock and 6-clock operation.

P80C32X2BBD Distributor

RANTLE is also a famous supplier of trusted quality P80C32X2BBD which contains a 128-byte RAM as well as 256-byte RAM.

Our premium quality P80C32X2BBD also comes with a I/O 32 lines and 16-bit three counter/timers.

This superior quality P80C32X2BBD from RANTLE also contains nested interrupt four-priority level.

At RANTLE, we also offer the best quality P80C32X2BBD with a I/O serial port commonly for a multi-processor communication.

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In China, RANTLE is a distributor of excellent quality P80C32X2BBD which is highly integrated with full-duplex UART and I/O expansion.

Clock circuits and on-chip oscillators are equipped into our reliable P80C32X2BBD for a maximum solution.

To make sure that you can fully utilize our P80C32X2BBD, it comes with a broad array of an operating frequency down into zero because of its low-power static designs.

The power-down mode and idle mode are also available from our high-quality P80C32X2BBD.

These two software are selectable modes to reduce power consumption.

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Reliable P80C32X2BB Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

The mode of our excellent quality P80C32X2BBD can freeze the CPU while enabling the timers, RAM, serial port as well as the interrupt systems in order to continue its function.

Moreover, RANTLE’s superior quality P80C32X2BBD has a power-down mode. It saves the content of RAM while freezing the oscillator.

This will cause the other chips to be inoperative.

Because our top-quality P80C32X2BBD has a static design, without any loss of the user’s data, its clock can fully be stopped.

However, the performance can be continued at the point in which the clock has stopped.

Aside from that, RANTLE’s excellent quality P80C32X2BBD features memory-addressing capability.

If you buy reliable P80C32X2BBD from RANTLE, you can assure that it is TTL and CMOS compatible.

P80C32X2BBD supplier

To suit your diverse needs, RANTLE’s dependable quality P80C32X2BBD is also designed with port asynchronous reset and six sources interrupt.

At RANTLE, you can surely avail our maximum capacity P80C32X2BBD!

Whether your applications or business requires dependable P80C32X2BBD, trust RANTLE to be your top supplier!

RANTLE is a verified and certified independent supplier and distributor of high-quality electronic parts including P80C32X2BBD in China.

For more than 16 years in the industry, we have gained many experiences in the field.

Thus, we are recognized as the world-leading distributor and supplier.

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To assure you quality products, all our P80C32X2BBD have undergone quality and careful testing as well as inspection.

In China, RANTLE is a leader in sourcing electronic components.

Therefore, you can always trust RANTLE.

We highly recommend you to source reliable quality P80C32X2BBD from RANTLE.

Choose RANTLE as your number one supplier!

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