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  • Competitive price for SX48BD/TQ
  • 75 MHz operating frequencies
  • 8-bit pre scalers
  • operate up to DC-75 MHz
  • SRAM 262×8 bits data memory
  • SX48BD-TQ
  • SX48BD-TQ

The SX48BD/TQ supplied by RANTLE is a member of an SX family which has a communication configurable controller.

These are fabricated through the use of an advanced process CMOS technology.

This advanced process is combined with an architecture RISC-based which enables high-speed computation, efficient manipulation of data and versatile I/O control.

SX48BD/TQ Supplier

RANTLE’s highest-quality SX48BD/TQ throughput is improved through operating to about 75 MHz frequencies as well as optimizing the set of instruction so as to include commonly single-cycle instructions.

As an addition, SX architecture equipped into our excellent quality SX48BD/TQ is totally reprogrammable and deterministic.

This special combination of feature allows our top-quality SX48BD/TQ to establish a sturdy real-time function as a software module replacing the old hardware functions.

RANTLE’s best quality SX48BD/TQ is equipped with an on-chip functions.

This includes a 16-bit timer that comes with an 8-bit pre scaler. This function supports a dissimilar operating mode such as event external counter, simultaneous PWM/capture and PWM.

It also supports analog comparator, watchdog timer, brown-out detector clock user-selectable mode, high-current outputs and R/C internal oscillator.

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Additionally, highest-quality SX48BD/TQ distributed by RANTLE is incorporated with a power-saving mode that comes with a wakeup multi-source capability.

It also has an 8-bit timer together with a pre scaler. Also, RANTLE’s top-quality SX48BD/TQ has a MIPS performance up to 75.

This means that our SX48BD/TQ can operate up to DC-75 MHz and can perform 1 instruction every clock with 3 branches.

To ensure a high-level of performance, RANTLE is supplying an excellent quality SX48BD/TQ with data SRAM memory and program EE/FLASH memory.

Thus, you can guarantee that our SX48BD/TQ comes with a <13.3 ns access time which provides a single-cycle access.

SX48BD/TQ Distributor

You can also assure that our best quality SX48BD/TQ is integrated with SRAM 262×8 bits data memory and an EE/FLASH 4096 words program memory.

Combining advances and applications in our SX48BD/TQ needs a high-level of performance while maintaining fast time-to-production and low-cost.

SX48BD/TQ supplied by RANTLE is known for providing solutions to lots of familiar applications typically includes electronic appliances/tools, process controllers, monitoring/security systems and motor controls.

Moreover, if you deal with consumer automotive industries and motor controls, you can choose RANTLE to be your supplier of trusted quality SX48BD/TQ.

If your sound generation and communication personal devices needs reliable SX48BD/TQ, then make RANTLE your number supplier!

For more than 16 years, RANTLE is known as the most reliable and trusted supplier as well as distributor of high-quality electronic parts including SX48BD/TQ in China.


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