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  • positive transition
  • 20 V 100% tested quiescent current
  • maximum of 1uA at every 18 V input current
  • parametric ratings of 15 V, 10 V and 5 V
  • CD4021BPWR
  • CD4021BPWR


The CD4021BPWR is a serial-input/serial-output or 8-stage parallel registers that consist of common clock.

It also has a serial single data input as well as an individual “JAM” parallel input in every register stage.

Every register stage is designed with a master-slave, D-type flip-flop. As an additional, it has an output in every stage.

You can also avail a top-quality CD4021BPWR with a “Q” output from every 7 and 6 stages.

Serial entry and parallel of RANTLE’s highest-quality CD4021BPWRare created through register synchronization with a clock line positive transition.

The serial entry of our excellent quality CD4021BPWR is also synchronized with a clock.

However, its parallel entry has been asynchronous.

CD4021BPWR Supplier

A serial or parallel control is designed to control our CD4021BPWR entry.

If the serial or parallel control input becomes low, the data can be shifted serially into an 8-stage register.

However, when the serial or parallel control input is in high mode, the data can be jammed into an 8-stage register in sync with a transition positive clock line.

RANTLE’s best quality CD4021BPWR also has an input clock in the internal stage.

It can be “forced” especially when an asynchronous entry parallel is created.

Also, it allows expansion of register through multiple packages.

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Reliable CD4021BPWR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Moreover, RANTLE’s top-quality CD4021BPWR can perform a complete static operation. A 20 V 100% tested quiescent current is incorporated into our CD4021BPWR.

It also has an 8 master-slave output flip-flop for control and buffering gate.

For optimal performance, RANTLE is a professional supplier of excellent quality CD4021BPWR with a maximum of 1uA at every 18 V input current.

To give you the best quality, our CD4021BPWR is designed with asymmetrical and standardized output characteristics.

A noise margin and parametric ratings of 15 V, 10 V, and 5 V are offered by our best quality CD4021BPWR.

CD4021BPWR Distributor

Furthermore, RANTLE’s proven-quality CD4021BPWR offers you the best solution for every general-purpose register application.

Also, if you are dealing with the conversion of data from parallel into serial, RANTLE’s excellent quality CD4021BPWR can be your best choice.

For every serial output or parallel input data queuing and other related applications, choose RANTLE’s highest-quality CD4021BPWR.

If your task is to source an affordable but high-quality CD4021BPWR and other electronic parts, RANTLE has got you covered!

In China, RANTLE is offering an unlimited stock of CD4021BPWR which is carefully tested by our expert team of quality control before shipping.

We also focus on giving you a reasonable rate and swift delivery for your bulk order of CD4021BPWR.

If you choose RANTLE, you can certainly have high-quality CD4021BPWR while saving time and money!

No doubt, RANTLE is a verified and reliable electronic part and component distributor in China.

You can always trust RANTLE!

Undoubtedly, if you make RANTLE your best supplier, your business is in good hands.

For around 16 years, RANTLE is committed in providing the best quality and innovative products to our valued customers.

Let RANTLE become your reliable business partner!

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