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  • Fast shipment with PIC16F720-I/SO
  • 8K x 14 memory program space
  • 7Fh or 128 bytes banks expanded
  • 8-bit 3.5Kb flash microcontroller
  • 128 B SRAM
  • PIC16F720-I/SO
  • PIC16F720-I-SO

RANTLE is supplying the highest-quality PIC16F720-I/SO which is a 13-bit counter program which has the ability to address an 8K x 14 memory program space.

RANTLE’s high-quality PIC16F720-I/SO data memory is being partitioned in a multiple bank.

Each bank contains a general-purpose register as well as a special function register.

RANTLE’s top-quality PIC16F720-I/SO banks can expand to about 7Fh or 128 bytes.

Also, RANTLE’s excellent quality PIC16F720-I/SO has a general-purpose register which is highly organized into a 123 x 8 bit.

This register can be accessed indirectly or directly by a file-select register.


A special-function register is also incorporated into our premium quality PIC16F720-I/SO.

These are the registers utilized by the peripheral functions and CPU to control the desired device operation.

The special function of our trusted quality PIC16F720-I/SO is classified into peripheral and core.

RANTLE is distributing a reliable quality PIC16F720-I/SO which is an 8-bit 3.5Kb flash microcontroller 128 B SRAM. It features a 12 A/D channels.

These are also equipped with a maximum of 16MHz clock frequency.

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Reliable PIC16F720-I/SO Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

For an optimum solution, RANTLE’s PIC16F720-I/SO is highly integrated with an 8-bit width data bus. An SMD/SMT mounting style is designed into our top-quality PIC16F720-I/SO.

RANTLE’s highest-quality PIC16F720-I/SO can operate a range of supply voltage from 1.8 V to about 5.5 V.

Its range of operating temperature also takes up from -40 C up to +125 C. An I2C, SPI, and AUSART interface is equipped into our superior quality PIC16F720-I/SO.

PIC16F720-I-SO Distributor

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