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  • Fast Delivery with MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A:J
  • –40˚C up to +85˚C temperature range
  • 6ns and 7.5 ns timing cycle
  • 16ms auto fresh
  • 3.3V ±0.3V single power supply
  • MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A:J

MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A:J supplied by RANTLE is a fully synchronous and all the signals are being registered on a positive edge on a system clock.

Our excellent quality MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A:J is also incorporated with a pipeline internal operation.

Its column address will be change at every cycle clock.

RANTLE is also supplying top-quality MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A:J is equipped with internal banks.

It is highly designed for hiding the pre-charge or row access. An 8, 4, 2, 1 or a full-page burst programmable lengths are also integrated into our reliable quality MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A:J.

MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A:J supplier

We also provide the best quality MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A:J with auto pre-charge.

It typically includes an auto concurrent pre-charge as well as a refresh auto mode.

Moreover, RANTLE’s highest-quality MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A:J also features a self-refresh mode on low-power or standard.

Its auto-refresh also takes up to 64ms every 4096-cycle refresh for industrial and commercial.

For automotive, its auto refresh can take up to 16ms at every 4096-cycle refresh.

It can also operate with 3.3V ±0.3V single power supply.

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Reliable MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A IT:J Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

As an additional to that, it can operate in a temperature range in commercial from 0˚C to about +70˚C.

For industrial, our top-quality MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A IT:J can support a –40˚C up to +85˚C temperature range.

Highest-quality MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A IT:J distributed by RANTLE also operates temperature range from –40˚C to about +105˚C for automotive applications. F

urthermore, a 6ns and 7.5 ns timing cycle are incorporated into our high-efficientMT48LC4M16A2B4-6A:J.

If you are searching for a trusted and reliable supplier of MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A:J and various electronic components, don’t forget to consider RANTLE!

For around 16 years, we distribute authentic and good condition MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A:J and other electronic parts in China.

At RANTLE, we have an unlimited stock for all types of electronic parts.

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MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A:J Distributor

Typically, we deliver or ship your MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A IT:J and other electronic components within 1-5 days upon processing your payments.

For every order of MT48LC4M16A2B4-6A IT:J, we will give reasonable rate so you can save money.

Surely, RANTLE can let your business reach its success.

For more than 16 years, RANTLE is known as the most reliable and trusted supplier as well as a distributor of high-quality electronic parts including MT48LC4M16A2B4-6AJ in China.

More customers worldwide trusted RANTLE since we have founded a good reputation and gained a lot of experience in the industry.

At RANTLE, we have employed an expert and well-trained quality control team who carefully inspected and meticulously tested our MT48LC4M16A2B4-6AJ.

This assures you that your MT48LC4M16A2B4-6AJ orders are functional and authentic as well as in excellent condition when arrived at your place.

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