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  • triple-channel
  • 8-bit 165 or 210 optional MHz ADC/PPL
  • supports sync-on-green
  • RTD2533VH
  • RTD2533VH

REALTEK RTD2533VH supplied by RANTLE is a series of products which are LCD all-in-one monitor controllers. Our high-quality RTD2533VH supports an optional SXGA/WXGA+/WSXGA+/UXGA.

It is also integrated with a higher performance Realtek ADC.

An optional TMDS Rx and scaling engine are also integrated into our excellent quality RTD2533VH.

For an optimum performance, RTD2533VH distributed by RANTLE is equipped with LVDS Tx.

RTD2533VH Supplier

RANTLE also offers high-quality RTD2533VH-LF which supports RSDS Tx.

All our products including our excellent quality RTD2533VH are designed so you can save cost and make design so much easier.

Also, RANTLE’s top-quality RTD2533VH is embedded with a dual DDC and scaling zoom down and up.

For a better level of performance, we distribute highest-quality RTD2533VH which features 8-bits PWM 3 channel output with a vast array of PWM selectable frequency.

When you use our trusted quality RTD2533VH, you don’t need to use it together with external memory.

It also needs just one crystal in generating all timing.

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Reliable RTD2533VH Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

At RANTLE, you can guarantee RTD2533VH with a reset detection output which is programmable 3.3 V or 5 V.

Also, RANTLE’s RTD2533VH microcontroller is embedded with a crystal output.

An RGB analog input interface is also integrated into our high-quality RTD2533VH.

Along with that, a triple-channel 8-bit 165 or 210 optional MHz ADC/PPL is highly integrated.

To meet your expectations, our reliable quality RTD2533VH is incorporated with a high-performance on-chip hybrid PLLs.

It also features a 64 phases high resolution ADC PLL. Plus, it has a Schmitt trigger which is highly programmable.

RTD2533VH Distributor

Therefore, you can trust the quality of our RTD2533VH.

As a professional supplier, we also supply top-quality RTD2533VH which supports sync-on-green and other types of a sync composite modes.

If you want the best performance RTD2533VH for your business or applications, RANTLE has a lot to offer.

We have high-quality RTD2533VH which is embedded with digital video interface input.

It is also equipped with an auto-calibration and auto-detection.

By this, we are able to distribute RTD2533VH with a format input detection.

In China, RANTLE is known as an expert supplier of the best quality RTD2533VH with smart engine.

That is why, the REALTEK RTD2533VH is commonly used for image position, color and phase calibration.

RTD2533VH Application Board

A user-defined mode is also supported by our excellent quality RTD2533VH.

If you find it difficult to source RTD2533VH, worry no more!

RANTLE is always ready to help you!

RTD2533VH Price

For over 17 years, RANTLE is becoming a global leader who specializes in electronic component sourcing.

We offer help to electronical engineers, brokers, or manufacturers to find the exact electronic parts.

In China, RANTLE plays the role of an independent supplier and distributor.

Because of this, we are dedicated to providing our valued customers with the best services we have.

Aside from that, RANTLE is also committed to providing you a reasonable rate and swift delivery.


Through our advanced and state-of-the-art facilities, we can process your orders of RTD2533VH easily.

Thus, you can guarantee a hassle-free transaction with us.

Choose RANTLE to be your business’s reliable supplier! Contact us now so we can give you more details!

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