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  • Fast Delivery with XC6SLX45-2FGG484I
  • Built with a 45 nm copper low-power mature process technology
  • 18Kb block RAMs and a DSP48A1 second generation slices
  • Configuration bit of 3 Mb to 33 Mb
  • Optimized balanced of performance, power and cost.
  • XC6SLX45-2FGG484I
  • XC6SLX45-2FGG484I

The XC6SLX45-2FGG484I supplied by RANTLE offers an integrated leading system capability.

It comes with a total lowest cost for any high-volume applications. It delivers an expanded densities of logic cells which range from 3,840 up to 147,443.

This device also offers low power consumption, more comprehensive and faster connectivity.

XC6SLX45-2FGG484I Supplier

RANTLE’s XC6SLX45-2FGG484I is built with a 45 nm copper low-power mature process technology.

Due to that, our XC6SLX45-2FGG484I provides an optimized balanced of performance, power and cost.

To meet your diverse requirements, RANTLE distributes XC6SLX45-2FGG484I with a more efficient, new 6-input dual-register look-up table logic.

Our XC6SLX45-2FGG484I also has wide selection of a system-level built-in blocks. It also has an 18Kb block RAMs and a DSP48A1 second generation slices.

RANTLE’s XC6SLX45-2FGG484I is highly integrated with a memory SDRAM controllers, mixed-mode clock enhanced management block and high-speed serial power-optimized transceiver blocks.

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Reliable XC6SLX45-2FGG484I Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

XC6SLX45-2FGG484I distributed by RANTLE can store a customized configuration in an internal SRAM-type latches. RANTLE’s XC6SLX45-2FGG484I has a configuration bit of 3 Mb to 33 Mb depending user-design implementation and device size.

To constantly give you an alternative low-cost programmable, we offer XC6SLX45-2FGG484I designed with an auto-detect configuration selection and advance IP security which comes with device DNA and AES protection.

We also supply XC6SLX45-2FGG484I which is a programmable silicon which provides an integrated hardware and software components.

This will allow you to focus in an innovation especially in the beginning of development cycle.

RANTLE’s XC6SLX45-2FGG484I is designed with an efficient multiple integrated blocks, staggered pads, plastic high-volume wire-bonded packages and wide option of I/O standards for a low-cost performance.

Buy XC6SLX45-2FGG484I

Also, RANTLE’s XC6SLX45-2FGG484I features a flexible and low noise clocking.

It also has a digital-clock manager which removes duty-cycle distortion and clock sew.

A clock-management tile is also equipped into RANTLE’s XC6SLX45-2FGG484I for an enhanced performance.

An enhanced security is incorporated into our XC6SLX45-2FGG484I for an optimized protection.

Moreover, RANTLE’s XC6SLX45-2FGG484I offers you an excellent solution for DSP custom-oriented design applications.

For your logic high-volume design applications, RANTLE can give you the best XC6SLX45-2FGG484I.

This device is also useful for embedded cost-sensitive applications.

RANTLE can certainly give the best XC6SLX45-2FGG484I solution.

If you need to source XC6SLX45-2FGG484I for your business or applications, RANTLE has a lot to offer.

We have an unlimited XC6SLX45-2FGG484I and other electronic parts readily available for your bulk or urgent order.

At RANTLE, all our electronic parts including XC6SLX45-2FGG484I is carefully tested and inspected by our pioneer quality control team.

Thus, you can assure that these are in good condition and functional.

Trust RANTLE to be your supplier of XC6SLX45-2FGG484I and other electronic components.

In China, we are popular as a leading distributor and supplier of high-quality and accurate electronic components for over 16 years.

XC6SLX45-2FGG484I application board

Worldwide customers are attracted to purchase XC6SLX45-2FGG484I at RANTLE because of our swift delivery and competitive price.

If you purchase XC6SLX45-2FGG484I from RANTLE, valuable services will be provided to you!

We also employed an approachable and friendly customer service personnel.

They will guide and assist you throughout the process.

At RANTLE, you can surely have a hassle-free transaction you never experienced before!

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