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FTDI FT230XS-R is created to provide efficiently with USB controllers.

It can be possible by using bandwidth when compared to overall availability of USB bandwidth.

It’s a compact USB to an interface device that simplifies USB applications in small packages.


FTDI FT230XS also reduces external components count by integrating MTP memory.

FT230XS is an integrated clock circuit that does not require external crystal.

Rantle is one of the most reliable source and supplier in global electronic industry.

We developed FT230XS with the latest innovations using modern technology machines.

FT230XS USB Module

We created FT230XS best applied for consumer electronics, aerospace, communications and networking, military defenses and multimedia.

Eachof our FT230XS is tested by experienced QC team to make sure that it is authentic with 100% functionality.

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Reliable FT230XS Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Rantle FT230XS is created and designed to transmit and receive signals.

Our product is integrated AVCC supply filtering and doesn’t need any external filtering and firmware programming in USB is required.

Rantle focuses on making all our electronic products such as FT230XS applicable to all your need and a solution to your needs.

Our FT230XS has a 2048 multi time programmable memory with that can CBUS configurations and store descriptors.

FT230XS Distributor

FTDI FT230XS-R is a state of the art component from a single chip USB.

In Rantle, we also installed a USB battery charger detection in every FT230XS.

We also designed interface with a range of options fit effectively to the intended application.

Each product comes with a device which supply pre-programmed with authentic serial number of USB.

We also put an integrated power on reset circuit.

FT230XS Application Board

Rantle, with 16 years of experience in electronic components and manufacturing FT230XS have developed an outstanding performance in this industry.

We are composed of knowledgeable, friendly and professional sales team that provide good communications and prompt response.

Our company has built good reputation by offering best price in our product and delivers for all customers.

Rantle is an independent distributor that aims to provide the help you need in searching for the right FT230XS.

We assure you that all our products meet high quality standards. 75% of our electronic components like FT230XS is available in immediate delivery.

FT230XS charger detection investigation

We are one of the global leader that specializes distributing electronic components around the world.

Rantle help brokers, electronic engineers and manufacturers to get all the parts and products they need.

We are eager to give durable and high quality FT230XS that provides satisfactions to all our customers.


Rantle’s primary focus is to manufacture electronic components on active and passive way.

Products with latest designs that reach the highest market is our main objectives.

We only provide what’s best for us and for our customers.

Rantle will not only provide perfections but will also help your business grow.

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