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FTDI FT231XS is a USB chip for a serial UART of the affiliate with full modem control.

The FT231XS is applicable for serial data that can transfer to the interface.

Entire FT231XS USB can handled on the chip that produced the multitier or programming.


The RANTLE FT231XS has a battery that have a detection charger.

It allows the devices to recognize the existence of the higher power source and facilitate the charging.

RANTLE FT231XS have many unique features.

FT231XS Board

It can make the fully clock generation which can generate the number of the external.

It has a unique power switching integrated level converter for the USB device.

True ,this drive output can cooperate down to the external USB to the FT231XS device.

FT231XS have a royalty  free virtual comport and can direct all the drivers to eliminate the requirements for USB drivers for the development.

RANTLE FT231XS configurable device to transmit and receive the LED drive signals which can support the UART interface.

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Reliable FT231XS Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

FTDI FT231XS-R is designed and intended for cellular, cordless phone usb data transfer cables and interfaces.

FT231XS has transfer data rated from 300 baud to 3 Mbaud.

FT231XS-R Distributor

Also, it has extended operating temperature that range from -40˚C up to 85˚C.

The FT231XS includes complete feature set and allows the usb to attach into the system design rapidly and smoothly over a UART interface.

RANTLE FT231XS has great features, it allows the sketch to be downloaded without pressing the reset controller and also have an auto reset.

FT231XS USB conversion board

RANTLE FT231XS  has a USB bridge device with fixed function.

It gives a specific application for the device that can eliminate the parts of the computer program quality.

RANTLE FT231XS technology devices for the international can deliver with no damages, and this product can provides preliminary information to the costumers.

FT231XS Application Board

RANTLE has a great system and equipment design for manufacturing various chips in China.

These devices is incorporated with their system, to meet all costumer applicable and safety for this FT231XS product.

Our FT231XS can produced for the data transferring rate for the device level.

FT231XS wholesaler

We are utilizing to prevent the smoothing technology and allow the high data of the USB devices.

This product is available for every places RANTLE FT231XS can supply you with warranty as their suitability for any particular purposes.

FT231XS Supplier

RANTLE is a good choice for the FT231XS-R because it is the best using for long lasting and we provide a high quality part of FT231XS, durable and also affordable price.

RANTLE can assure you that it is fast to orders for worldwide.

Because RANTLE have a sift delivery a good service for you, good credit and good choice, what are you waiting for.

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