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RANTLE designed IM07GR for signal relays with slim line that has 5.65mm height.

IM07GR have its own uses such as in miniature equipments.

You can found IM07GR in plenty models at RANTLE.

High current and standard is one of the popular models of IM07GR.


Joining coil and contacts, high dielectric offers 2500Vrms and 3000Vrms.

RANTLE IM07GR has 60W switching power.

If you need a monostable version of IM07GR, it is available including bistable version.

IM07GR has 1.5 coil voltage span up to 24VCD which has UL standard who been accepted as satisfactory.

Based on models, IM07GR has switching capacity around 250VAC.

RANTLE offered IM07GR resistance with functional up to 300g mechanical shock.

RANTLE IM07GR provide a power consumption into low coil around 200 mW.

IM07GR wholesaler

Any applications of IM07GR such as power management, test and measurements, portable devices and many more are most available at RANTLE.

RANTLE IM07GR coil resistance is about 2.88 kOhms provided with high-quality raw materials like PdRu.

PdRu stands for palladium ruthenium manufactured with gold plating to prevent tarnish.

RANTLE IM07GR slim line with enough height can be used in any equipment.

Attribute value of IM07GR coil voltage is 24VCD.

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Reliable IM07GR Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE is an integrated circuit provider from China.

We RANTLE can be your electronic components producer.

Based on the volume you need, we are able to help you look for right IM07GR products.

We already experienced 16 years of manufacturing IM07GR in the industry.

We have been trustworthy in terms of offering the best services.

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With our very hardworking teams, we are able to provide quick actions and responds for any difficulties in purchasing.

Fast and effective shipping for your IM07GR orders can be assured by RANTLE with our friendly service team.

In fabricating IM07GR, a very acceptable price we offered is not just the reason why we have plenty of excellent feedbacks from our clients.

The number one reason is our way of manufacturing products.

We assigned may staff in providing 7/24 support through online to help customers make their business goals come true.

A wide range of IM07GR of RANTLE offered plenty of applications.

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RANTLE has many set of options for your IM07GR.

For enclosure, ratings and many more, it specifically designed for any applications like aerospace applications.

Any features of RANTLE IM07GR like surge capability is a 300g functional and survival of 500G.

For Extreme environments, RANTLE created IM07GR with an outstanding performance in any application.

RANTLE reputation comes from maintaining our knowledge and great service in manufacturing.

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Our expert team has their capability to ensure low rates for shipping your orders.

RANTLE can guarantee you standard IM07GR materials when you purchase with us.

Contact us today for no hassle purchasing and shipping process for your IM07GR orders.

RANTLE is the best place to purchase IM07GR products if you urgently needed this in supporting business special requirements.

We have our high-skilled staff to guide you that located in many areas.

Number of days warranty can be guaranteed for worry less.

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