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  • Fast shipment with GM5321-LF-BC
  • reliable Genesis DVI receiver
  • dual interface typically for LCD monitors
  • triple-channel 8-bit integrated PPL/ADC
  • PWM backlight
  • GM5321-LF-BC

RANTLE GM5321-LF-BC provides a graphics IC processing with an excellent quality pictures for monitors, LCD and other types of pixelated displays. It is incorporated with three ADCs. It also has a super reliable Genesis DVI receiver. RANTLE also has GM5321-LF-BC with the best quality shrink and zoom scaling engine. It does have an excellent quality of rate conversion frame. Moreover, it has a controller for the on-screen display.

GM5321-LF-BC Supplier

It also has microprocessor and plenty of materials used in order for a single device to function. This is a high intensity integration that supports a flexible, simple and a very cost-effective answers and solutions that only requires few components.

RANTLE GM5321-LF-BC has a dual interface typically for LCD monitors. It also has lesser system cost and improvised hardware that only needs a few components. This can be used also in many method including single-chassis solutions for monitors such as SXGA and XGA that has video inputs and frame memory store.

RANTLE GM5321-LF-BC features triple-channel 8-bit integrated PPL/ADC. It also provides simplified embedded microcontroller OSD creation. It does have on-chip OSD versatile engine. Our GM5321-LF-BC has synthesized system clocks to a single exterior crystal. It also has gamma correction which is programmable. It does have a PWM backlight kevel of intensity control. In addition, it has a tolerant level up to 5 volts.

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RANTLE GM5321-LF-BC has higher performance advanced scaling. It also has a fully shrink ratios and programmable zoom. It also provides Moiré cancellation and sharpness control. Our GM5321-LF-BC also supports RGB analog input port. It does have UXGA supports up to 60 Hz. It has 165 MHz normal operation and video digital port.

RANTLE GM5321-LF-BC has commercially available seamless connection. It is also designed with auto-configuration and format detection. It also features auto-detection and optional data use. It does have image and phase positioning. RANTLE GM5321-LF-BC is incorporated with operating modes, blinking and blending transparency. It also has output format and OSD bit-mapped capability.

GM5321-LF-BC Distributor

RANTLE GM5321-LF-BC is very applicable in fixed-resolution display pixelated device. Aside from that, it can be useful for any LCD SXGA monitors that has two digital or analog interface. Moreover, it can be a perfect use for multi-synchronous XGA.

RANTLE is offering you a high-quality GM5321-LF-BC and other electronic components. If you are a business owner and wants to order GM5321-LF-BC and other electronic components, RANTLE is here for you. If you are looking for a reliable supplier or distributor of GM5321-LF-BC and other electronic components, always rely on RANTLE.

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