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  • MAX3232EUE

RANTLE MAX3232EUE is a transceiver that has low-dropout output transmitter stage. It enables 3.0V up to 5.5V performance of a true RS-232 with a dual pump charge.

Our MAX3232EUE only requires small four 0.1µF external capacitors. You can assure that our MAX3232EUE can run up to 250kbps data rates in normal operation.

MAX3232EUE Supplier

It can run up to 1Mbps when MegaBaud operations while it maintains the output levels of RS-232.

RANTLE MAX3232EUE have two drivers and receivers. It has a shutdown mode (1µA) which helps to decrease power consumption and prolong battery life for portable systems.

Our MAX3232EUE receivers are still active when in shutdown mode. It helps to monitor modems and other external devices only with 1µA power current supply.

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MAX3232EUE Features

MAX3232EUE Features

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RANTLE MAX3232EUE comes with pin and package. It is also functionally adaptable with industry standard models. It is an absolute serial port with 3 drivers and 5 receivers. Aside from standard outputs, it also has additional extra outputs. All extra outputs are actively functional. This monitors modems and other external devices without the protection diodes to be forward biased. All RANTLE MAX3232EUE SSOP packages and TSSOP space saving available.

MAX3232EUE Distributor

RANTLE MAX3232EUE features low current supply up to 300µA only. It also has 120kbps data rate for normal or standard operation. It also provides low-power shutdown of 1µA that comes with active receivers. Our MAX3232EUE pinout flow through capacity. It meets 3.0V specification of EIA/TIA-232. It also has guaranteed drive mouse ability. RANTLE MAX3232EUE has industry standard compatible pins and guaranteed 6V/µs slew rate.

RANTLE MAX3232EUE offers a vast scope of uses including notebooks. It is also ideal for palmtop computers and subnotebooks. If you have high speed modems, then RANTLE MAX3232EUE is a perfect choice. Our MAX3232EUE is suitable for battery-powered and hand-held equipment. RANTLE MAX3232EUE is also applicable for printers and other peripheral. Surely, RANTLE provides MAX3232EUE according to your desired use.

Haven’t find yet a certified and most trusted supplier and distributor of MAX3232EUE? RANTLE is always there for you. We provide all in one solution for all of your MAX3232EUE needs. We offer high quality MAX3232EUE. Our firm and up to date quality control team always maintain the quality of MAX3232EUE that we deliver.


Sourcing an electronic component is a difficult task. That is why RANTLE has almost 300 model numbers available. You can choose your desired model to support your business. We always wanted to be a part of your business’ success. Because of that, RANTLE distributed and supplied thousands of electronic components globally.

Why choose RANTLE? We have more than 15 years of experience in this industry. We have long-term business connections developed throughout the years with famous electronic companies worldwide. Because of this, we are known as the most trusted and leading independent distributor of electronic components worldwide.


MAX3222/MAX3232/MAX3237/MAX3241 General Description

MAX3222-MAX3232-MAX3237-MAX3241 Description

MAX3232EUE Applications

MAX3232EUE Applications

MAX3232EUE PCB Footprint & Symbol

Through our vast connections, we have developed electronic components that has been used in different industry such as military and medical uses. RANTLE always make sure to meet your requirements. We warmly welcome customers around the globe. Contact us today!

Learn more about the MAX3232EUE, please click the MAX3232EUE datasheet.

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