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  • competitive price for SI4425DDY
  • temperature ranges over – 55 °C to + 125 °C
  • gate drive pulse: 0 V to 10 V
  • gate-to-drain capacitance network
  • P-channel Vertical DMOS
  • macro model or subcircuit model
  • SI4425DDY

RANTLE has a wide range of SI4425DDY IC to be offered. RANTLE SI4425DDY has an attached SPICE model which describe the characteristic of typical electrical of the vertical DMOS p-channel. The device has a subcircuit model. It can optimize and extracted the temperature ranges over – 55 °C to + 125 °C under the pulse of gate drive in 0 V to 10 V.

Additionally, RANTLE SI4425DDY has a saturated output impedance. Thus, it becomes best fitted near the voltage of the threshold at the gate bias. Moreover, our RANTLE SI4425DDY has a gate-to-drain capacitance network of novel feedback. It is designed for use when modeling the characteristic of the gate charge while it can avoid the Cgd model switched convergence difficulties.

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Moreover, all RANTLE SI4425DDY model parameter values are optimized. Thus, it can provide the best fit to the electrical data measured. But it is not intended the device as an exact physical interpretation.

RANTLE SI4425DDY comes with different characteristics. It includes P-channel Vertical DMOS, macro model or subcircuit model, level 3 MOS. Our SI4425DDY devices are applicable for both switching application and linear. It also has a characteristic of transient, gate charge model, and recovery of diode reverse.

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