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  • fast delivery with OX-220-0038-20M00
  • surface mounting style package
  • low profile compact package up to 8.3 mm
  • supply voltage range: 3.3 V to 12 V
  • up to 10 PPB frequency stability
  • OX-220-0038-20M00

RANTLE OX-220-0038-20M00 is an OXCO oscillators that has a surface mounting style package. It is also designed with a reflow process compatibility. It does have a low profile up to 8.3 mm compact package.

OX-220-0038-20M00 Supplier

Our OX-220-0038-20M00 is also incorporated with a crystal SC_CUT. It does have a supply voltage ranging from 3.3 up to 12 V.

RANTLE OX-220-0038-20M00 standard frequency includes 10, 19.2 and 26mHz. Additionally, it also has a 12.8, 20 and 30.72mHz standard frequency. It also has a frequency of AT-cut/10 up to about 160 MHz or also available in SC-cut/10 up to approximately 40 MHz. With RANTLE, you can get an incredible and functional OX-220-0038-20M00.

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Reliable OX-220-0038-20M00 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

RANTLE OX-220-0038-20M00 features up to 10 PPB frequency stability. It also has a 15pF load capacitance and a 3.3 V operating voltage supply. Our OX-220-0038-20M00 is also designed with minimum supply voltage of 3.14 V up to maximum of 3.47 V. In addition to that, RANTLE OX-220-0038-20M00 offers a HCMOS output format.

It does have a minimum of -40℃ operating temperature. It also has a maximum of 85℃ operating temperature. Our OX-220-0038-20M00 has a size of 25.44 mm length. It does have a 22 mm width and a 12.1 mm height. Moreover, RANTLE OX-220-0038-20M00 is an RoHS compliant.

OX-220-0038-20M00 Distributor

Furthermore, RANTLE OX-220-0038-20M00 has a vast range of different uses and application. This usually includes base stations. Our OX-220-0038-20M00 is also suitable to be used for test equipment. It is also very useful for synthesizers. Because of its features, RANTLE OX-220-0038-20M00 is applicable and ideally suited for digital switching. Moreover, our OX-220-0038-20M00 is commonly used by military for communication equipment.

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