Your No.1 BS62LV1024SC-70 Supplier in China

  • Good Price for BS62LV1024SC-70
  • Wide Vcc operation voltage : 2.4V ~ 5.5V
  • High speed access time
  • Fully static operation
  • Data retention supply voltage as low as 1.5V
  • Easy expansion with CE2, CE1, and OE options
  • BS62LV1024SC-70

Rantle BS62LV1024SC-70 features Vcc operation voltage ranging from 2.4V-5.5V with very low consumption.

Our BS62LV1024SC-70 is manufactured with high quality performance with very low CMOS Static Random Access Memory. Also operates in a wide range of supply voltage.

BS62LV1024SC-70 Supplier

Rantle BS62LV1024SC-70 is designed to automatically power down when it is deselected.

We developed advanced techniques to provide both high speed and low power with a standby current at a maximum access time of 70ns in 3V operations.

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Reliable BS62LV1024SC-70 Distributor in China - Rantle East Electronic

Rantle BS62LV1024SC-70 also features easy memory expansions with OE options, CE1 and CE2. Rantle is the best marketplace for electronic industry. We are a manufacturer supplying high quality BS62LV1024SC-70 worldwide. We guarantee that our company is composed of great engineers and well equipped with modern technology.

In searching for reliable manufacturer of BS62LV1024SC-70 is quite hard to find, why not choose Rantle! We give you the best services and provide premier electronic components. Rantle BS62LV1024SC-70 features CE1 and CE2 input which is active data is read from or writes to the devices. It also contain data input/output ports used read and write data into RAM.

BS62LV1024SC-70 Distributor

Rantle also has the advantages in industries because searching parts are much easier. You can see it for yourself. Rantle BS62LV1024SC-70 has the widest range of customization in affordable prices. Rantle has been the most reliable supplier and distributor of electronic components for years. We aim to build partnerships in this industry.

Rantle’s professional workers will surely help you and assist you in all your needs. Our main goal and vision is to become a complete electronic component solution. Rantle BS62LV1024SC-70 are developed to make our clients at ease because they have bought a high quality and durable product.

Rantle are well inform about the developing and increasing chains of global electronic industry. We are an independent manufacturer of electronic components so we can surely help you get your required BS62LV1024SC-70 based on your part numbers. Rantle aims to help all our customers and clients grow their own businesses.

From state-of-art machinery Rantle devotes substantial resources in distributing BS62LV1024SC-70 to ensure quality and reliability. We meticulously inspect each product we manufacture to provide 100% quality tested products to all clients. Our engineer ensures that every electronic component are handled with high standards.


Rantle is a specialized supplier of BS62LV1024SC-70 for years and maintained good partnerships with the worldwide electronic distributors, agents, brokers and manufacturers. Our good services and advantages tossed up our reputation in the trade. We at Rantle are so eager to be your most reliable manufacturer for BS62LV1024SC-70.

Rantle has a wide range of selections for BS62LV1024SC-70 for you to choose from. We are a one stop distributor of electronic components. We are 24/7 active online to provide all the solutions you needs in specific requirements. Choose Rantle to be your numbe one distributor for BS62LV1024SC-70.

For more info, be sure to contact us today! We are so eager to be your best partner.




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