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  • Fast Deliery with RKJXP1224002
  • stick controller control type
  • normal operating force: 17 mN +/- 10 mN
  • current rating: 50mA
  • 12 VDC voltage DC rating
  • 2000 K life cycles
  • RKJXP1224002

RANTLE RKJXP1224002 is a non-illuminated multi-directional switch. It has stick controller control type. Our RKJXP1224002 has a 50mA current rating and 17 mN +/- 10 mN normal operating force. It also has a PC pin termination style. It does have 7.1 mm stem height.

RKJXP1224002 Supplier

It also has a tray packaging. For a selection of contributes, it does have an integrated highly TACT switch. For its size, it has 12.2 mm height,16 mm for its length and a width of 16 mm. Moreover, it has a 12 VDC voltage DC rating and 2000 K life cycles.

RANTLE RKJXP1224002 has a compact design which is really suited for applications in personal audio. It also has single shaft resin with a life cycle of almost two million. It also has maximum of 5V DC, 50V AC operating voltage. It also has a total of 10kΩ resistance.

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RKJXP1224002 Typical Specifications

RKJXP1224002 Typical Specifications

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RANTLE RKJXP1224002 features single shaft and resin shaft material. It also has a maximum of 23° operating angle in each direction. It does have B (0B) resistance taper. Our RKJXP1224002 has a maximum 12V DC 50 mA ratings. It also has a range of -10℃ up to +70℃ operating temperature. It also has a continuous directional resolution. It does have a minimum of 250V DC 100MΩ insulation resistance. For every one minute, it has a 250V AC voltage proof.

RKJXP1224002 Distributor

Additionally, 0.0125W rated power and maximum of 300mV p-p slider noise. It also has a 14±10mN operating directional force. It does have 7.4±3N operating push force. Our RKJXP1224002 is with ±5° return lever precision. For a better mechanical performance, it is incorporated with minimum of 98N push and 50N pull directions actuator strength.


Moreover, for a higher environmental performance, it has -30±2℃ for every 96h cold. It also has dry heat up to 80±2℃ for every 96h. It does have damp heat up to 60±2℃ for 96h with 95%.

RKJXP1224002 Application

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RKJXK/RKJXP Series Product Line

RKJXK/RKJXP Series Product Line

RKJXK/RKJXP Series Dimensions

RKJXK/RKJXP Series Dimensions

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