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  • three terminals for positive voltage regulators
  • supply up to 1.5 A
  • output voltage ranging from 1.2 V up to 37 V
  • 5 V preset output
  • 3 A load driving capacity
  • excess of 1.5 A output current
  • 1.2 V up to 37 V adjustable output
  • LM323K

RANTLE LM323K has three terminals for positive voltage regulators that can supply up to 1.5 A and an output voltage ranging from 1.2 V up to 37 V. It has 5 V preset output and 3 A load driving capacity. It provides high current output without compromising the characteristics and regulations of devices with low current by using processing techniques and a new circuit design. Its 3 A regulator is naturally blowout proof. It also has high level of performance and reliability thermal shutdown, power limiting and current limiting.  When input voltage, power dissipation, load current and ambient temperature are combined it will give a satisfactory performance and specification to the system element.

RANTLE LM323K voltage regulator is always easy to use. It only requires two exterior resistors that can set the voltage output. Furthermore, our LM323K is incorporated with interior current limiting, safe compensation area and thermal shutdown. It features 3 A output current and typical 0.01 W output impedance. It also provides thermal and internal current limiting. It does have minimum of 7.5 V input voltage and up to 30 W power dissipation.

LM323K Supplier

RANTLE LM323K features excess of 1.5 A output current. It also provides 1.2 V up to 37 V adjustable output. Our LM323K also gives interior overload thermal protection. Also, it has an interior short current circuit limiting at a constant temperature. It does have floating operation for a higher voltage application. It also removes plenty of stocking fixed voltages.

Moreover, serves a broad variety of applications. It includes on card or local regulation. It can also be used in making programmable regulator output. It can also be used for connecting an embedded resistor in the middle of adjustments and outputs. Our LM323K is very ideal for an accurate current regulator. Surely, RANTLE will give you the most suitable LM323K for your accurate applications.

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LM323K Features

LM323K Features

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LM323K Distributor

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LM323K Application

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LM323K Description

LM323K Description

LM323K Schematic diagram

LM323K Schematic diagram

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