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  • Fast Delivery with ADC0809CCN
  • Easy Interface to All Microprocessors
  • Operates Ratiometrically or with 5 VDC or Analog Span Adjusted Voltage Reference
  • No Zero or Full-Scale Adjust Required
  • 8-Channel Multiplexer with Address Logic
  • 0V to VCC Input Range
  • ADC0809CCN

RANTLE ADC0809CCN is a monolithic CMOS data acquisition device and component. It has analog-to-digital 8-bit converter and 8-channel microprocessor and multiplexer adaptable control logic. The 8-bit analog-to-digital converter uses consecutive approximation conversion technique.

The converter has a high chopper impedance stabilizes comparator. It has a divider of 256R voltage that comes with switch analog tree and a consecutive register approximation. Its 8-channel microprocessor and multiplexer can straightly access any of the 8 analogs single-ended signals.

ADC0809CCN Supplier

RANTLE ADC0809CCN will not require a full-scale and external zero adjustments. It decoded and latched multiplexer input address and TT TRI-STATE latched outputs provides easy interfacing of microprocessors.

The design of RANTLE ADC0809CCN is being optimized by integrating the most advantageous aspects of various analog to digital techniques of conversion.

Our ADC0809CCN provides minimal dependence to temperature. It also offers high accuracy and high speed. It also has the best long-term repeatability and accuracy. It also offers low power consumption.

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RANTLE ADC0809CCN features easy interfacing of all the microprocessors. It ratiometrically operates up to 5 VDC and analog adjusted span voltage reference. It does not require any full-scale or zero adjusts. It does have 8 channel multiplexer that comes with an address logic. It has an input range of 0 V to VCC. Its outputs have met the TTL level of voltage specifications. It also has 8-bit resolution and ±½ LSB and ±1 LSB Unadjusted total error and 5 VDC single supply. It offers 15mW low power consumption. In addition to this, our ADC0809CCN has 100 μs conversion time. Surely, with RANTLE, you can have the best quality ADC0809CCN.

From the features mentioned, RANTLE ADC0809CCN makes it ideally suited for process applications. It is also highly applicable for machine controls. Additionally, it is perfect for automotive and consumer applications. Furthermore, its uses usually include for a 16 channels multiplexer that has common outputs.

ADC0809CCN Distributor

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ADC0809CCN Application Board

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