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  • Competitive Price for BMP180
  • TI-standard extension module connector
  • TivaWare SensorLib
  • five environmental sensors and motions
  • expand Tiva TM4C LaunchedPad functionality
  • TI MCU LauncedPad extension board
  • BMP180

RANTLE provides wide range of BMP180 which measures a barometric pressure condition. It is designed by determining the relative changes in altitude in order to enhance the motion sensor. The RANTLE BMP180 is one of the packages of Sensor Hub Booster Pack or BOOSTLX-SENSHUB.

BMP180-pressure-sensor Supplier

RANTLE BMP180 is designed to expand Tiva TM4C LaunchedPad functionality. The BMP180 BoosterPack is TI MCU LauncedPad extension board. It is designed so that you can model and create the innovative prototype solutions. Also, it is designed to floating-point capabilities and leverage the processing of the TM4C123GH6PM MCU coupled with environmental sensors and motions.

The RANTLE BMP180 BoosterPack is plug into the BoosterPack XL headers. It is located on the top of LauchedPad. RANTLE BMP180 BoosterPack featuring TI-standard extension module connector. Thus, you further extend your applications through different wireless extension modules.

BMP180 on the PCB

RANTLE BMP180 BoosterPack highlights the use of new sensor driver library, the TivaWare SensorLib. It is easy to use and sensor communication software extendable foundation. RANTLE BMP180 BoosterPack has five environmental sensors and motions. It can access to user buttons and LEDs and enables RF expansions. It is designed to enable the innovative applications that Tiva C series software and fuse sensor information through the Tiva C Series LauncedPad functionality.

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BMP180 Sensor Module

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